1. L

    Mutie Chariots

    Gorkamorka Mutie Raiders don't use vehicles. It's the main thing that differentiates them from the other types of mob (Apart from the fan-made ork Snortas). However, the Mutie Beasts have definite limitations, in that they are incapable of carrying fixed weapons and you can't easily have...
  2. JawRippa

    N18 A better Melee system?

    Personally I don't find the current melee system fun. It is pretty much decided by whoever charges or fights first. A skilled fighter with high weapon skill, decent number attacks and good initiative has the same chance to get shanked by a charging juve as an unarmed unskilled ganger. And when a...
  3. Vandal

    N17 Book of Life 1.01

    70 plus pages of rules art and fluff about the flora and fauna of the hive, reviving old favourites and law friendly new ones
  4. Commissariat

    NCE How we are trying Alternate Activation in NCE:

    Hey all, So. during this Quarantine situation the Tabletop Simulator community for Necromunda has been digging up NCE to play. This is both out of nostalgia and out of my frustration with the unwieldy volume of content that is out for the conceptually very fun Underhive edition. The enjoyment...
  5. JawRippa

    N18 Skill rework

    A lot of skills are basically a stat advance with condition (Ex: Berserker charge: gain an additional attack on charge. So +1A advance is strictly better.), while others just lazily copy weapon traits (Backstab, Disarm, Parry). Few skills are just no-brainers (Overseer, Nerves of Steel, Fast...
  6. Commissariat

    N18 Yaktribe Campaign System (Where we translate the old school feel to the modern game)

    Hello! A lot of folks, including myself, really enjoy the gritty/granular feel of the ORB/NCE campaign system. It feels dark, scrappy, and like you're a bunch of civilians trying to stay afloat. N18 doesn't really have that feel. Sure models effectively die 1/6 of the time if you don't have...
  7. L

    N18 our house rules

    our group has now sunk about 100 hours of game time into this game and these are the house rules we have done so far to attempt to fix the broken system that is necromunda underhive. we are making this post so that our experience might help new people enjoy the game even though gamesworkshop...
  8. Oar locks

    N18 Buying a Choas Spawn

    Hi guys, I'm about to run my first fully fledged campaign and need your advice on handling Chaos Spawn. The other guy who is helping me arbitrate the campaign argues that he should be able to buy a Chaos Spawn just like in skirmish missions and that they shouldn't have the possibility of...
  9. F

    Custom Scenario: Munificent Mercenaries

    I'm writing this up for a special game at our FLGS. Inspired by Settlement Attack, Seven Samurai, and our regular Campaign Arbitrator having collected all the Forge World characters. Not play tested yet, C&C welcome. MUNIFICENT MERCENARIES Background Countless settlements dot the ash wastes...
  10. Loriel

    Spyrers for N17 WIP

    Spyrers for N17 VAULT LINK: https://yaktribe.games/community/vault/n17-spyrers.955/ Introduction: First I started a project for Spyrers on my own, but @Graushwein and @Ikiry0 suggested that we would team up to make these rules better. Hopefully we can come up with decent rules that capture...
  11. Loriel

    N17 Pit Slaves 1

    This is attempt to make rules for our upcoming campaign for Pit Slaves Wip thread for the rules https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/loriels-pit-slaves-for-n17-wip.7475/ I would like to especially thank @Ikiry0 @Timothy Sinon and @Thorgor for helping me to get the job done!
  12. Ikiry0

    Homebrew Gang: Spyrer Hunt

    With the Hospitaler Mission basically done at this point, I wanted to take a shot at everyone's favourite serial killers. Maybe I should narrow that down, I wanted to do Spyrers. Spyrer Rules These are, currently, not even in alpha as I'm still throwing stuff at the wall. In part because I'm...
  13. naztek

    Homebrew Tau Stealth Kill Team

    Some mates and I have been playing some SWA games and an ongoing campaign and we are starting to get to the comfortable point where we homebrew and house rule things that make more sense or we feel are missing. As a Tau player, I felt severely underwhelemed by the pathfinder kill team options...
  14. Commissariat

    Chaos Cult Covens [NCE] Redux; Becoming a Cult [NCE] Redux

    My first draft for updating the old Chaos Cultist Covens and Becoming a Cult rules from the ORB era to present. I saw Anthony's rules which seemed clean, but I still wanted to give it a go. I like the cult rules for gang story-progression, similar to the leadership challenges and all that good...