1. A

    N18 Outcast gang being tainted?

    Is it possible for an outcast gang to be tainted during creation if it chooses a house affiliation. When choosing the affiliation it says counts as house so does this also apply to taint?
  2. smelly butt face

    N18 Current Orlock Credit Costs?

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to Necromunda and I was wondering if there is a place that has all the current up-to-date credit costs for things. The reason I am asking is because I am trying to build a starting roster for my Orlock gang and I noticed that the Hive War Rulebook seems to have different...
  3. logo-escher.png


  4. YakTribe

    N17 Escher Expanded Equipment List 1.1

    Expands the equipment lists for creating Escher gangs, including buying Armor and allowing more ganger types access to more wargear. This is an official PDF from Games Workshop added here to preserve original version and provide an easy to find resource for Necromunda players. Also includes...
  5. Jaws

    Spyrers / Tyranids.

    I have been playing Necromunda with some new guys lately. And one of them really, really wants to use his Tyranids in the game. I don't mind much about fluff and such, but he needs some rules to use. First thing that popped into my mind was just converting the Shadow War rules. But a quick...
  6. Yak13 Final Pic

    Yak13 Final Pic

    With minipics on the sides. :)
  7. Shroom Blob

    Shroom Blob

    Resized 'cos previously large image (uploaded from phone)
  8. Yak13 final pic 01

    Yak13 final pic 01

    The Sump Surgeon's Hut in scenery.
  9. Yak13 final pic 02

    Yak13 final pic 02

    Tilting up to offload some filthy Scavvies.
  10. Yak13 final pic 03

    Yak13 final pic 03

    Tilting down to offload some filthy Scavvies.
  11. Yak13 final pic 04

    Yak13 final pic 04

    Front view.
  12. Yak13 final pic 05

    Yak13 final pic 05

    The creature within - side view.
  13. Yak13 final pic 06

    Yak13 final pic 06

    The creature within - front view.
  14. Yak13 final pic 07

    Yak13 final pic 07

    24 - the maximum carrying capacity of the hut, with models only overlapping slightly.
  15. Shroom blob

    Shroom blob

  16. ...lil more done

    ...lil more done

  17. Decided to do the walls the hard way...

    Decided to do the walls the hard way...

    All exterior walls are now covered with tiny bits of cut up grass stalks because it wasn't looking good just painted...
  18. Repairs  + a quick splash of colour

    Repairs + a quick splash of colour

  19. Repairs + shrooms! :-D

    Repairs + shrooms! :-D

  20. Hive quake!

    Hive quake!