1. JawRippa

    N18 Scattering off higher ground

    How do you prefer to playout situations when blasts scatter off higher platforms? Do blasts dissipate in midair like in NCE, do they explode like a sphere midair or do they fall directly down until center of the template is on the lower level?
  2. JawRippa

    N18 Reworking how Retreat(Basic) works

    I've always found it a bit silly how Retreat is amost entirely dependant on stats of who you are retreating from, rather than stats of who is retreating; Even if retreating model has a great initiative, you do not want to gamble on the fact that opponent may not get a full round of reactionary...
  3. JawRippa

    N18 Reworking how "Blaze" and "On fire" work

    I was thinking about houseruling Blaze in Necromunda to be less of a binary mechanic. I heavily dislike that such a powerful trait effect is tied to a 50-50 die. Each weapon with Blaze puts blaze tokens on a fighter if you land a successful hit. Hand flamer puts 2 blaze tokens, normal flamer 3...
  4. JawRippa

    N18 Time to fix blasts! (houserule)

    Edited! Updated #1 and #4 for clarity. Added #5,#6 and #7 suggestions. #2 and #3 are removed into spoiler since they proved to be less popular. 1.1). Targetting ground with blast is prohibitted. Instead you target fighters as normal, following rules for target priority (switching to closer...
  5. UnderhiveBerzerker

    Experience with Hired guns cost exl. gear

    Greeting fellow underhive scum I am starting an new campaign and want to get Hired guns on the board, but the high cost makes them unplayable IMO. my plan is to house rule that an gang only pays the base cost for the mercenary and not the gear that he is equiped with. e.g. Bounty hunter costs...
  6. Teun135

    Map based Turf?

    Currently, turf is simply a numerical value on the gang roster, and occasionally a special territory added in abstractly. I was thinking about instead, doing a map based campaign where each player would expand their turf (like in risk or something). I had an idea where each player began in a...