imperial guard

  1. julezwr

    White Dwarf Enquiry...

    In one of the early to mid 2000's white dwarf there was an article about a scenario with a heavily kit bashed imperial guard kill team that were all dressed in black, meant to be like navy seals/special op... the scenario was this kill team vs a chaos cult that were trying to summon a demon...
  2. Stormblade WIP

    Stormblade WIP

    Baneblade kit conversion using a FW Warhound Plasma Blastgun.
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    Free Company Mercenaries
  8. thumbnail_IMG_2319.jpg


    Toxic sludge Imperial Guard
  9. ClanBuckCANS

    N18 Tales of the 105th. Fredia Fire

    War. She remembered nothing but the never ending theatres of War. Fist the wars of home, fighting for food against her siblings, each meal a battle. Then, as years progressed, the fight against her hair, the unruly flaming tendrils getting caught even amongst themselves. Yet nothing of her...
  10. Rippa Jackson

    Rippa Jackson

  11. Edster Rough Riders weather 2

    Edster Rough Riders weather 2

    IG desert scheme Rough riders
  12. Edster Leman Russ turret version

    Edster Leman Russ turret version

    IG desert scheme Leman Russ
  13. Edster Conqueror side 2

    Edster Conqueror side 2

    IG desert scheme Conqueror Leman Russ
  14. Edster Conqueror side 1

    Edster Conqueror side 1

    IG desert scheme Conqueror Leman Russ
  15. Edster Conqueror 1

    Edster Conqueror 1

    IG desert scheme Conqueror Leman Russ
  16. Fresh pewter.jpg

    Fresh pewter.jpg

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  19. Bommerz over da Sulphur River

    Bommerz over da Sulphur River

    Vanguard Miniatures fighters for a counts-as set
  20. Imperial army

    Imperial army

    Necromundan 9th spiders