1. ClanBuckCANS

    N18 The white Ork

    Drip Drip Drip He watched as the highly coveted liquid slowly went through the medical concoction the Med boyz had cooked up. Each drop causing the entire colapse under its own weight. The mad doc standing next to him, bearing his teef, as if his 'ater di'p was that which saved the...
  2. prewarsalad

    INQ28 Campaign anyone?

    Hi all! I have just comeback from Manky meet and absolutely loved the weekend of dedicated, narrative gaming. I was putting out my feelers with this thread to see if people would be interested in doing something similar with INQ28. I would be looking to do it in the North of England and wanted...
  3. Through the Window view

    Through the Window view

  4. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  5. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  6. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  7. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  8. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  9. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  10. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

    A 1v1 fight up there is something !
  11. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  12. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  13. Gaming Board

    Gaming Board

  14. Stripes


  15. Dying Tree

    Dying Tree

    Some small progress this weekend. Start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To my opinion, you will never completely finish to paint a terrain. Especially big ones. The trick is to know where to stop.
  16. ClanBuckCANS

    Blood burned memories. A short story of the 105th

    Ten years. It didn't seem like that long ago to Sergeant Major Eva D’vidsin. The memory of being deployed on Armageddon, as a grunt was still fresh in her nightmares. Watching helplessly as the poorly trained, and completely unprepared newbies faced the oncoming mass of frenzied orks. Even...
  17. PEBB18

    N17 Reach for the stars

    So has been about two years since being away from the hobby (painting/modeling wise), but in that time have purchased Bloodbowl, N17 and Kingdom death (another great gem I have wanted for quiet some time). I struggle to paint most of the miniatures I make and tend to just kit bash mini after...
  18. The Shelves

    The Shelves

    Everything is now at its right place !
  19. Pipes


    TO BE continued !
  20. Concrete and dirt

    Concrete and dirt

    The two tones I use much