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  10. C

    INQ18 Imperial Document Generator

    I‘m in the middle of the planing stage for my first Inq28 campaign. I‘ll use the Stargrave rules and place the setting in the Koronus Expanse from the Rogue Trader RPG. I‘m looking for resources (pdf, Word,…) to create campaign material: official looking imperial ministorum documents...
  11. vaultdweller

    INQ18 A Subaltern Inquisitor/Inq28 Campaign

    Hello All, After multiple decades of mainstream and supplemental GW games I’ve been immersed in Inq28 since right before the start of the Pandemic. Through the expenditure of all that blood and treasure, however, I’ve realized that I have a problem with the overarching focus on “elites,” as...
  12. GrimmDark

    Necromunda Rust, blood and guts - starting Necromunda

    Greetings all. I'd like to share my very first Necromunda gang - the Crimson Hand - Corse Grinder Cult. I've never played before, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to start when I'm out of lockdown. My first 1000 credits: I wanted a very monochrome and dirty look. Underground Mad Max meets Doom...
  13. Power sword

    Power sword

    Detail of yakcomp #36, Interrogator Sin'Atra power sword
  14. FYSC Fall 2020 November

    FYSC Fall 2020 November

    Terrain, Haearn the Cawdor Heavy, Interrogator Sin'Atra with Sliza Minelli and Servo Skull, 10 scavvies of the McGee Family (extended)
  15. Sliza Minelli wip

    Sliza Minelli wip

    Assassin for yakcomp #36 wip
  16. Interrogator Sin'Atra wip

    Interrogator Sin'Atra wip

    Interrogator for yakcomp #36 wip
  17. The Crimson Hand

    The Crimson Hand

    Starting gang for Necromunda Underhive - 1000 credits
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