1. Draconic

    Dark Depths – Ghosts of Sumphulk

    Dark Depths – Ghosts of Sumphulk Hi there. This is a Log of an RPG one-shot I wrote and gamemastered in the Necromunda setting. Preamble: A bit about me. I have a background of being a Necromunda player and arbitrator with mainly experience from the original rule book (ORB) and the...
  2. GrimmDark

    Necromunda Rust, blood and guts - starting Necromunda

    Greetings all. I'd like to share my very first Necromunda gang - the Crimson Hand - Corse Grinder Cult. I've never played before, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to start when I'm out of lockdown. My first 1000 credits: I wanted a very monochrome and dirty look. Underground Mad Max meets Doom...
  3. R

    Necromunda RexHavoc's Inquisimunda Project Log

    I've been putting together a new inquisimunda campaign and I made a newsletter to keep track of the progress on it, as well as having a space to record battle reports later on. This is my first 28mm scale campaign I've done in a quite a while, having mostly been doing 6mm scale stuff for the...
  4. The Crimson Hand

    The Crimson Hand

    Starting gang for Necromunda Underhive - 1000 credits
  5. IMG_20200824_144406_080.jpg


  6. IMG_20200821_093516_912.jpg


  7. IMG_20200821_093538_379.jpg


  8. PEBB18

    Necorvid - Time to work on some unfinished and new projects

    So with everything going on in the world atm I have been putting some minis together and have some ideas running around in my head. First off hope everyone id doing well under the current circumstances, I am hoping to get some of my Gangs/Warbands/Individual Characters complete with background...
  9. prewarsalad

    INQ28 Campaign anyone?

    Hi all! I have just comeback from Manky meet and absolutely loved the weekend of dedicated, narrative gaming. I was putting out my feelers with this thread to see if people would be interested in doing something similar with INQ28. I would be looking to do it in the North of England and wanted...
  10. Stripes


  11. Dying Tree

    Dying Tree

    Some small progress this weekend. Start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To my opinion, you will never completely finish to paint a terrain. Especially big ones. The trick is to know where to stop.
  12. ClanBuckCANS

    Blood burned memories. A short story of the 105th

    Ten years. It didn't seem like that long ago to Sergeant Major Eva D’vidsin. The memory of being deployed on Armageddon, as a grunt was still fresh in her nightmares. Watching helplessly as the poorly trained, and completely unprepared newbies faced the oncoming mass of frenzied orks. Even...
  13. The Shelves

    The Shelves

    Everything is now at its right place !
  14. alphonse

    Warbands & Path to Heresy

    Hi guys! We will soon rework the warbands in N17 Inquismunda. Based on feedbacks from the community and players groups, there is a wish to get more freedom in the warband creation process. What direction to take? The V3.0 warbands revision by @Tiny was a big step toward this goal, getting rid...
  15. alphonse

    N17 Inquisimunda - Wargear

    Hi guys, @abhorash is currently working on Wargear, including an amazing work on drugs ;) I'm trying to work on armours and I would like to get your opinion on two topics: 1. About the different armours: - In N17, there is several types of armours, ranging from 6+ to 4+, some with special...
  16. Pipes


    TO BE continued !
  17. Concrete and dirt

    Concrete and dirt

    The two tones I use much
  18. Painting has started

    Painting has started

    Another exciting part of the project, start to already comes alive.
  19. Black Coated

    Black Coated

    As Mick used to say, paint it black
  20. Dying Tree

    Dying Tree

    Really happy about the branch I found that fit perfectly as a gothic scary dying tree.