1. Ascent of servitors

    Ascent of servitors

    Don't talk to me or my son or my grandson ever again
  2. Lord_Ikka

    N18 First gang, themed Venators

    My first gang for a league starting up next week (mix of vets and newbies like me). Going for a theme of an Inquisition cell tasked with infiltrating the Underhive. Cell is composed of ex-gangers, wastelanders, and indentured tech-clan warriors. Primary Skills are Cunning and Ferocity. Just...
  3. Waffler.jpg


  4. Chymist2.jpg


  5. Explicator Morgin

    Explicator Morgin

  6. Interrogator Huxley

    Interrogator Huxley

  7. Inquisitor Steinmarck

    Inquisitor Steinmarck

  8. Raven's Eyes Gang Banner

    Raven's Eyes Gang Banner

  9. ClanBuckCANS

    Blood burned memories. A short story of the 105th

    Ten years. It didn't seem like that long ago to Sergeant Major Eva D’vidsin. The memory of being deployed on Armageddon, as a grunt was still fresh in her nightmares. Watching helplessly as the poorly trained, and completely unprepared newbies faced the oncoming mass of frenzied orks. Even...
  10. LeakingGreyMatter

    N17 Products of Idle Hands

    In an attempt that I am sure will be buried under an avalanche of other "stuff", I will try to follow the example of so many other great denizens of the tribe and post a regular blog of in-progress projects and sometimes even fully completed models/squads. There will be stops and starts...
  11. B

    What is the best way of handling rpg/plot elements in Inquisimunda?

    I'm not looking for much. Investigation elements and interaction with npc characters that shape the direction of the story and campaign. The characters in the war band should have the ability to do what they do. A pilot flies. A tech priest makes and fixes tech. The inquisitor squeezes info and...
  12. YakTribe

    Inquisition 1.0

    The Inquisition is a secretive organization whose members are bound by no Imperial law or authority except their own. The sole duty of the organization is to investigate any possible or potential threat to the future of humanity, and to take whatever measures it considers appropriate to expose...