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    Telpher diagram
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    Telpher trolly at factory
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    Telpherage trolly at late 19th century train station
  4. Aulenback

    Pre-fire London, visuals

    Some table inspiration. Intentional or not, the Great Fire of London is an obvious inspiration for the city of Mordheim and its ruins, with their narrow streets, erratic construction, leaning upper stories, Tudor architecture, and so on. Here is a group at De Montfort University building a...
  5. Kairae

    When I think about you, I Inspire myself!

    Can a fighter with Inspirational affect themselves? “If a friendly fighter within 6’’ of this fighter fails a Cool check, make a Leadership check for this fighter. If it passes, the Cool check is also treated as having been passed.” I think, RAW, they can:: because the fighter is always...