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  1. Aulenback

    ORB Brotherhood Mining Gangs 1a

    The 'new' Kharadron Overlords faction from WHB seem strangely appropriate with little modification to the Ash Wastes and Outlands of Necromunda. This is a minor update to the original Squat Miners' Gang by Phil Tortorici, mostly eliminating unnecessary options that had been included to match...
  2. Aulenback

    ORB Project Log: Pit Slave Gang; Bile's Halloween; and Brotherhood Miners

    Just a little thread to [slowly] document the build-up of a pit slave gang from parts to "finished" [as far as a 'Munda gang can ever be actually finished]. Considerations: A deliberate effort to make use of some older models and bitz boxing, rather than acquiring new parts. Kitbashing a gang...
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    Mining team

  13. D

    we need rules for the new Kharadron Overlords (steampunk dwarfs in the hive?!?)

    That's all in the title, folks! I have no idea how to get started on new rules... maybe it'd work to play these miniatures 'counting as' one of the usual house...? Oh, and I'm talking about these guys: