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    4 Elites (1).jpg

    Kill Team Catachan: Elites
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    Farsight Enclave Kill Team.jpg

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    Daughter's Eldar KT
  4. naztek

    Homebrew Tau Stealth Kill Team

    Some mates and I have been playing some SWA games and an ongoing campaign and we are starting to get to the comfortable point where we homebrew and house rule things that make more sense or we feel are missing. As a Tau player, I felt severely underwhelemed by the pathfinder kill team options...
  5. Insurgent

    Easy rules for Gangs in SWA

    Original Rule Book (ORB) or Living Rule Book (LRB) Necromunda fits easily into Shadow War Armageddon (SWA) tabletop combat. Though the two games have different campaign rules they can operate parallel to each other. Let the Kill Teams of SWA play their military campaign system and let the gangs...
  6. D

    Grots for SWA v0.3

    Taking rules grom Gorkamorka & scavies. Heavily WIP, for experimentation only for the moment.
  7. Insurgent

    Gangs Vs. Kill Teams

    This is a thread devoted to Necromunda gangs fighting Shadow War kill teams. Lay out your best tactical theories and real game experiences. It is totally possible for Necromunda gangs to fight SWA kill teams and have a competitive chance at holding their own. My first tactical suggestion to...
  8. YakTribe

    Additional Kill Teams 1.0

    This resource contains additional rules for Shadow War: Armageddon. Download is from Games Workshop directly and includes the following rules: Chaos Space Marines Dark Eldar Wych Craftworld Eldar Genestealer Cult Grey Knights Harlequin Troupe Necrons Skitarii Rangers Tau Pathfinders Tyranid...