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    Southsump Spitfires
  2. Scavvierising

    Chaos cult FAQ

    Looking at taking a chaos cult to the lgt will chaos spawn be purchasable as per the skirmish game rules?
  3. Malo

    LGT Necromunda Tournament Event Pack Updated

    Great news! The tournament event pack for the Necromunda LGT event has been updated with full support for the new Necromunda 2017. It's taken awhile but all the rules are now in place for tournament gang creation, specific rules and scenarios for the event. Summary of changes: Background theme...
  4. Malo

    N17 London Grand Tournament & YakTribe Presents Necromunda

    It is time to take a trip into the corroded underbelly of the hive. These monolithic towers sit upon rotten foundations, abandoned by all but the most desperate and foolhardy. Rival gangs, Arbites, Guild control and the very nature of Necromunda threaten to thwart your ambition at every turn...