1. Lord_Ikka

    N18 Van Saar- Rad outfit help

    I'm looking to build a fun, themed Van Saar list. I know that the "ideal" VS list is plasma plasma plasma, but I don't play Necromunda to be the best, I play it for fun and crazy happenings. So, I want to run a rad phage list- use the weakness of the STC to destroy the House's enemies...
  2. J

    N18 First Cawdor Gang, any thoughts…

    I’ve recently put together a Cawdor list of 1000 credits, I feel it’s relatively solid but I’d love input. I only have 1 Cawdor box and a weapons upgrade box as these models are incredibly expensive. Down the line I may or may not get another box of Cawdor. This is the list: Word Keeper...
  3. J

    N18 Asking for fun "balanced" gang lists for new players (Escher, Delaques, Orlock and Van saar)

    Hi! I recently bought hive war with orlock and van saar and their extra boxes to play with friends The thing is, I would have to list build all four factions (Escher, Delaques, Orlock and Van saar), I've heard that "balance" is a made up word in necromunda, with most gangs being breakable if...
  4. P

    N18 Load out suggestions for a person new to necromunda (palanite, orlock, Escher, delaque)

    Hey there I’m new and I’ve gotten the hive war set, the palanite enforcers (both types, and the orlocks (both types) and I’m asking for some load-out suggestions (sorry if this is annoying)
  5. G

    N18 Starting Orlocks, help is needed :)

    Hi all, long story short question. I actually own 2 times the Orlock Gang Box, and both FW Weapon Sets. Now I am thinking what to choose and how to build them, can you give me some advice? I don't really wanna build up some dead models which I will never play, u know what I mean? Greetings...
  6. MagicTsan

    N18 Equipment set clarification needed

    1. When creating equipment sets is it allowed to have the same item appear in multiple sets? 2. Are you allowed to leave out equipment entirely? 2.1. Random example. A champion has: Lasgun Plasmagun Auto Pistol Power Sword Can you create just one(1) equipment set that holds: Plasmagun + Auto...
  7. Z

    N18 New Cawdor player, looking for help!

    Hey everyone! A friend of mine recently has started playing Necromunda (first game last week) and has talked me into buying in. I come from a scattering of other wargames, but am a little overwhelmed by the options and loadouts that I can run in Necromunda, and how to properly equip my crew...
  8. K

    Help me arm my juve

    Greetings! I recently started building my Escher gang and wanted to converter a Godsworn Hunt model to serve as a juve. Now i can't decide what to arm her with. I'm torn between dual laspistols vs laspistol/stiletto knife. Some folks on IG told me to go dual pistols, but would that be...
  9. enyoss

    Question Alternate fighter loadouts

    Hi, Apologies if this is a duplicate topic - feel free to delete if so. But is there a functionality or workaround to add multiple fighter cards to the Yak gang roster? I was thinking of building a duplicate fighter and then manually editing their cost to zero so it doesn't add to GR, but it...
  10. Z

    Best weapons for a ganger with gunfighter and rapid fire?

    Ive got a ganger now who just learned gunfighter and rapid fire, he has a BS of 3 and currenty has a shotgun with manstoppers, and a knife. I was think some kind of pistol combination would probably be best but do any of you have any ideas?