1. Treasure tokens wip

    Treasure tokens wip

    A variety of loot for Frostgrave and yakcomp #38
  2. Yakcomp #38 wip

    Yakcomp #38 wip

    Central loot piece, a powerful Grimoire!
  3. Loot Counters

    Loot Counters

  4. undertaker

    [OCE] Heist Too Good for Non-Outlaws

    It has come to the attention of our gaming group that the Outlanders Heist scenario is a bit too profitable for non-outlaws. The problem is that the stolen loot is directly cashed in as equipment, rather than being added to a gang's income. This may be OK for outlaws, who get almost nothing...
  5. Insurgent

    Scavenge like a boss

    Any reasons why you wouldn't choose a Scavenger scenario over a Gang Fight? I got a low level Escher gang with a Ratskin Map #5, Vents, 2 Tunnels. It seems like I will always be able to get in, scoop up the loot and get out for some serious giant killer bonus against experienced gangs. I play...