1. J

    Question Gangs disappeared - any ideas?

    We've been using the excellent Yaktribe gang creation tools to make gangs for LRB Necromunda and to make up small squads for 40k 2nd edition skirmishes. All of the gangs in the 'gang' tab on my profile page have gone however and our campaign...
  2. Stubram

    Wounding hits for experience.

    yo. Just played a game where my juve wounded an enemy ganger 3 times (rolled a 'man down' result every time) in close combat (he only had 1 wound to start with) We played it that he,s scored '3 wounding hits', and therefore gets 15 exp (5x3). This just feels wrong. I read elsewhere that you...
  3. Hanson666

    Redemptionist Rules

    Hi Yaktribe Would anyone be able to tell me which set of rules is better for creating a Redemptionist gang (for LRB games). There's the LRB version by John French (published in Fanatic Magazine/I think) and the other rules created by Anthony Case. Which rule set is the best?
  4. ClockworkOrange

    Necromunda Convince me to use the NCE?! for our new campaign.....

    If you do I'll post eye candy photos of games in action.....
  5. O

    Heavy Bolter in LRB Clarification

    Hi Guys, Just want to make sure I am doing this right because it seems a little OP/OTT - The way i understand the rules is such. First roll 2D3 for sustained fire, split the shots out to everyone who you can or want to (cant remember name of that rule) roll to hit, roll any ammo rolls. After...
  6. ArbitorIan

    LRB Necromunda Compilation II 2015-11-07

    This is a compilation of all the currently available LRB and Underhive era articles into one handy PDF, with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book.with lovely formatting so that it looks like a real Necromunda book. Compiled by ArbitorIan
  7. Ambience327

    LRB For the Father! 1.4

    Rules for fielding a Genestealer Cult in Necromunda, including rules for Purestrain Genestealers that are able to advance and grow like other gangers! Previous discussion for this Gang can be found right here...
  8. Anthony

    LRB Vampyre Sect v1.0

    Rules for running a gang of vampires. Well not real vampires in the WFB sense, instead, a particular Immaterium creature attaches iteself to a human host and in return for offering inhuman abilities it forces a thirst upon him for human psychic energy which the host drains through drinking fresh...
  9. Anthony

    LRB Tech Hulk Team v1.0

    Rules for a bunch of tech boffins obsessed with creating personal armoured units with the durability and firepower of a tank (well sort of). The Hulks are based on the Mega Armour Ork minis, you just need to replace the ork head with an Imperial head or metal plate.
  10. Anthony

    LRB Death Cult v1.0

    Rules for an outlawed death cult obsessed with passing on their consciousness beyond the grave.
  11. Anthony

    LRB Enforcement Squad v1.0

    Alternate rules for Enforcers. Generally I think Jervis Johnson did a decent job of updating Andy Chambers original rules, but there are still a lot of rule and fluff problems. The biggest fluff issue was the idea Jervis introduced that enforcers are responsible for policing the Underhive...
  12. Anthony

    LRB Assassin v1.0

    Rules for an Assassin hired gun.
  13. YakTribe

    LRB Enforcers Revamped 2014-03-19

    Part one of three in Arbitrator General's (answer moderator on the old Specialist Games forum) Enforcer revamp series.
  14. Anthony

    LRB Tainted Priest v1.0

    Due to the prejudices of the Ecclesiarchy those that are deemed beyond redemption are forced elsewhere for spiritual solace. Every day countless newly formed cults concoct doctrines influenced by greed, power or their own twisted ideals of deliverance. Whole settlements can become embroiled due...
  15. Anthony

    LRB Scaly v1.0

    Yup, it's the Scaly from the Scavvy gang as a hired gun.
  16. Anthony

    LRB Priest v1.0

    Such are the depravities that are bounden upon all Underhivers it is of little surprise many of them seek emotional solace in the hands of the priests. Preachers line the boulevards and trading posts delivering messages of divine will and salvation, but others sometimes seek a much more direct...
  17. YakTribe

    LRB Crazy Doc 2014-03-17

    Decent fighter who can transfer serious injuries from gangers to captured opponents.
  18. Anthony

    LRB Brawler v1.0

    Brawlers are roaming mercenaries with a prevalence for hand-to-hand combat who travel uncommitted between the settlements in search of easy pay for their expertise. They are far too independent to submit to the leadership of any gang leader for very long, but despite their carefree lifestyle and...
  19. Anthony

    LRB Attack Pets v1.1

    Ever since the first great transport barges descended on Necromunda to lay the foundations of the hive colonisation pets of all shapes and sizes have always been a popular investment for Necromundans for recreation, work and protection. The most notorious advocates are the warring Underhive...
  20. Anthony

    LRB Even Wyrder. By Anthony Case. v1.0

    Additional Wyrd hired gun types of Empath, Chronomancer, Biomancer, and Electromaniac, aswell as a couple of new Beastmaster pets.