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  3. Inxentas

    Bits of War or TTCombat?

    Hello everyone. I am looking for some additional MDF terrain pieces to spruce up my own table. For reference: I started with the Hive War boxed set, which comes with some walls and columns, and some scatter terrain. Now I am already busy building up my own table, mainly from MDF, wood and hard...
  4. Zone Mortalis Top & Bottom

    Zone Mortalis Top & Bottom

    A quick photo showing the benefits of adding filler over the visible MDF mounting points.
  5. AxeSlash

    Multiverse Gaming's MDF Terrain (mostly scatter) - review

    So I recently spaffed a load of cash on some stuff from Multiverse Gaming in Poland. As I build it I'll be posting reviews of the various bits here. I'd been keeping an eye on Andrzej's progress through his Facebook page, and had been eyeing up his terrain for a while, but until Black Friday...
  6. Bilbostomper

    Necromunda One man and his high tech toys - building the hive

    BACKGROUND I've been playing miniature games and making terrain since the early '90s, but it's mostly been fantasy, since my primary games have been Warhammer Fantasy (Orcs & Goblins, Chaos, Ogres) and Hordes (Circle Orboros). I've always wanted to make Necromunda style terrain on the laser...
  7. Thorgor

    Thorgor's ever-growing pile of unfinished business

    Hello all! As it appears I keep buying/wanting new shiny things faster than I can paint them, me think some kind of progress log could help keep me motivated (but don't expect very frequent updates). Current state of affairs (2018-05-29): ToDo: Necromunda scratch built scatter terrain...
  8. AxeSlash

    Necromunda TT Combat Hive terrain

    Dunno if you guys have seen this already but TT have some new terrain out. I've bought the lot and am currently assembling it. Once done I'll try and post some pics & quick review. Stuff I've noticed so far: It's bigger than it looks in the photos. The large square platforms are huge; you'll...