1. K

    je cherche quelqu'un pour jouer ma première partie de Aos

    Salut, je suis nouveau dans le jeu, j'habite à Montréal et je voudrais connaître quelqu'un avec qui jouer des parties de warhammer aos, j'ai 2 armés
  2. D

    My alternative model journey (image heavy)

    Hello Guys A few know me from the Discord Server and various Facebook groups, but its time to use a forum too (Like my ancestors before me!). Because of the lack of varity, I decided to produce my own alternative models through 3D resin printing. I am currently focusing on exotic beasts and...
  3. Punktaku

    Punktaku’s Parade of (mostly) Imperial Agents

    I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be the first post in a new topic! i used to have a wide variety of 40k armies, but sold most of them off a couple decades ago. I just couldn’t resist keeping a few. Oddly enough, they’re almost all Imperial. Most of the time i played i was Eldar. Life’s...
  4. Resmire

    Necromunda N.S.Grizzled Crew (Orlock gang start to finish)

    This a thread to show start to finish the building, converting and painting of my Orlock gang. The crew of the N.S.Grizzled, hunters of the many dark monstrosities of the Necromunda Sump/Sludge sea. Captained by Captain Baha, he searches for the great albino sump spider for revenge and glory...
  5. Punktaku

    ORB Punktaku's Parade Of Peoples (old minis)

    So i had the realization that i've dumped tons of photos in my galleries and the vast majority are of minis. But almost all of my threads are terrain or fluff related. So I figured maybe i should start a minis thread. I'll be starting with the stuff in my Gallery since i haven't actually...
  6. C

    Necromunda Alternative Escher Miniatures

    I've been working on this project for a couple of months and on Halloween, we launched our first range of miniature on Kickstarter. Initially, we created these to be used as a fantasy football team (perfect for Blood Bowl), and we believe they're perfect for Necromunda The concept art for the...
  7. Basileus

    [DELETE] Bas' looking for X thread (Mostly Orks)

  8. ClanBuckCANS

    Mad you say.

    Meh mad i may be, especially since I decided to make a scratch built model of Mad Donna Ulanti. I be making this here thread to chronicle, the miss adventure of this mad undetaking. Enjoy
  9. H

    N17 Customised Goliaths

    The Butchers Union 'We strike first! ' Slaine (Champion) Bernt Bernhardt (Champion) Ganger with knife v ganger with axe
  10. brassmonkey

    Necromunda Trap Jaw and the Masters of the Underhive

    Hey scummers! Firstly, I hope this is the right place to post this. Admin, please show me the error of my ways if not... I am taking orders now for my Trap Jaw sculpt to be cast again in resin. I have opened a Masters of the Underhive Facecrack group if anyone wanted to join. Otherwise, feel...
  11. Malika

    Alternative Epic miniatures

    It isn't always easy to get your hands on some 6mm scaled stuff, you'd either have the scour eBay or try to get your hands on black market copies. Luckily enough there are still some third parties offering models that can be used as proxies. Onslaught Miniatures: Pretty extensive range for...
  12. Thorgor

    Thorgor's ever-growing pile of unfinished business

    Hello all! As it appears I keep buying/wanting new shiny things faster than I can paint them, me think some kind of progress log could help keep me motivated (but don't expect very frequent updates). Current state of affairs (2018-05-29): ToDo: Necromunda scratch built scatter terrain...
  13. Chronos

    N17 Goliath Gang WIP Log

    Hi! I've started building my N17 goliath gang and I will try to keep a log on any advancements. First steps were pretty basic but here there are a couple of pictures. Gangers A by Chronos posted Nov 28, 2017 at 6:50 PM Those gangers are the standard games workshop build as I liked how they...
  14. Narwhal King

    Necromunda Inquisimunda Gang Part Suggestions

    Me and my friends are going to be doing a Shadow War: Necromunda campaign, and we're going to use some Inquisimunda gangs, but I don't know any good parts to make some Rogue Traders/ Void Pirates. They can be GW or any other company. Thanks.
  15. djmothra

    Competition YakComp 15 "The BFG"

    Welcome to the 15th YakTribe Competition - this time chosen by @Mad Sergeant for his winning Escher Juve entry in the last competition. Now, this one could be a possible continuation of the last one - or not, it's totally up to you :) YakTribe Competition 15 "THE BFG!" (Miniature / Terrain /...
  16. M

    Micanser Miniatures

    Hi I'm Micanser, new player from Poland (sorry for my language mistakes). I have been on this forum for some time but this is my first post (and thread) in which I want to show you my miniatures. For now all my models are still in WIP stage (unpainted), but i have converted everything i...