1. JawRippa

    NCE Scenario choice balance.

    Hello! I was wondering, which scenario do you usually pick when you get an opportunity to select a scenario and why? A brief description of reasons you select specific scenario would be welcome. Do you often have a personal "no-brainer" pick? Have you ever seen a person trying to go for the same...
  2. Dalia

    Mission Chasseur (Solo) 2019-07-29

    Dans les souterrains de la ville des rumeurs font rage, des créatures ont été vues et attaquent les civils. Vous devez prouver que tout ceci ne sont que des histoires.
  3. Dalia

    [SWA] Mission 1/6 Campagne Armageddon 2019-01-02

    Une mission pour SWA en francais, plus d'infos sur le blog pour les règles de zone en zone Death World.
  4. F

    Ambush Mission clarification

    Confused about the post battle Ambush Reputation section. Page 59 Gangwar says (campaign) " Reputation: If more attackers escaped than went out of action, the defenders gain 2 rep. If more attackers went out of action than escaped, the attackers gain 1 rep. " I mean this is just all wrong...
  5. D

    Secret objective cards to spice up games

    Recently came across this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShadowWarArmageddon/permalink/553575408308478/ and loved the idea. Basically it's nothing more than secret 'secondary' objectives to spice up each game, as the title of this thread says. After asking for permission, I am posting it...
  6. D

    DagobahDave's Shadow War Resources

    Here's my collection of fan-made stuff for Shadow War: Armageddon so far. I'm interested in bridging Necromunda and Shadow War, and I'm bringing some Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay baggage with me (taking a rat catcher's view of 40K). CAMPAIGNS...