1. Buggy roster: Bolt Brotherz

    Buggy roster: Bolt Brotherz

  2. Mob roster: Bolt Brotherz

    Mob roster: Bolt Brotherz

  3. Whoever you are, there's always Waaagh!

    Whoever you are, there's always Waaagh!

    The whole mob, except the gunner and shaman driver, who don't have models per SE anyway.
  4. Aulenback

    Curious new mob type possibilities...

    Just a bit of curiosity, leading to the small possibilities of a fan-created mob type if someone picks up the challenge [and it WOULD be challenging to write one that is balanced]. I was puttering about through some of my old GW books, and noticed these [handily was able to find images of both...
  5. DracoPT

    Da Bully Gang Mob WIP

    Hey guys, On the last week I've started to make a second mob, just for fun and to refresh my head for new ideas from the main one Da Skid Scrap Bashers. I was reading the rules and I guess it could be fun to have a 'ard boyz mob with shields and choppas/spears and they would use tactics like...
  6. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects"

    Welcome to YakTribe Competition 10 "Unusual Suspects" - this time chosen by @Flobojoe with "Rise & Fall - The Gangers Tale" - A very nice bit of work, utilizing the terrain to further enhance the idea. For this competition we want you to make / start a non-standard gang - minimum model count...