1. W

    Regular Female Models

    Hello dear community, I am fairly new to the game, but I am ambitious and I want to do something. I want to build my (Outcast) crew as all(most all) females. But bI do not like the aesthetic of the Escher, since they are a little flashy and ... impractical. I absolutely adore the style of the...
  2. Box


    A nice crate containing the weirdest of the models, with a lot of things that I can basically just use by painting them and maybe adding guns. There are lots of other things, a few of which I have photographed, but those other photos aren't uploading for some reason.
  3. IMG_20210519_103443_123.jpg


    From left to right: Da angry man, Da ded man, Da ooz man, Da gote man.
  4. Orngog

    Necromunda Slaver Gang

    So from a small piece of fluff, a thread emerges... I had the idea of building a slaver gang, more because of discussions on how slaving works than anything else. Necromunda is such a fun place, and looking around is a large part of that for me; it's a great lens for 40k. I've always liked...
  5. Jimange

    Necromunda Jimange's Collection of Plastic

    …and resin, metal, any material I can get my hands on. I've got a number of WIP pieces for various Inquismunda gangs I'll fish out at some point but here's the Escher Gang I recently started from some Raging Heroes models I picked up over Christmas: And here's the...
  6. B

    Necromunda Bluenosedtitan's gang log

    Hi All, so I'm doing this log to motivate me to get my miniatures finished as I am quite good at abandoning projects half way through... I am a new player starting Necromunda, and this will detail the progress of making/painting my Orlock counts as gang, the Tetravaal Enforcement Co.. The gang...