1. Villager Mob 3

    Villager Mob 3

  2. Villager Mob 2

    Villager Mob 2

  3. Villager Mob 1

    Villager Mob 1

  4. Dali Pig and Screaming Pony

    Dali Pig and Screaming Pony

    Painted a third eye on the pig, just cos it seemed to want it.
  5. 0810211601.jpg


    In progess tile, polyurethane water based clear gloss over a hot glue puddle. I had to work it into cracks. Will shade, and drybrush raised parts.
  6. Martini Henrie

    Mordheim Lost Lothbrooks

    More bad mobile photos incoming. I'm using Hasslefree vikings as the base for my Mordheim endeavour. Test game went fairly well, amazing how easily I slipped into old warhammer habits. Here are some WiPs to get the thread going.
  7. Crowbarr

    New Ork miniature company from Australia

    Hey everyone, just found this amazing small company called Mekka Miniatures, they're releasing cast models and 3d digital files every month, these are some of their new releases from february. Sign up to their patreon at or visit their store
  8. FYSC April 2020 by Mutant Modifier

    FYSC April 2020 by Mutant Modifier

    10 Flagellants, 10 Handgunners, 2 Battle Mages, 10 Clanrats, 10 Giant Rats
  9. Battle Mages

    Battle Mages

    Still to be varnished.
  10. WIP Battle Mages & Shadow Warriors

    WIP Battle Mages & Shadow Warriors

    Happy birthday YakTribe! This night I'll be trying to paint these two Mages and finish sculpting the unti of Shadow Warriors. Maybe paint them as well, if putty dries fast enough...
  11. Handgunners WIP

    Handgunners WIP

    Quick work on Handgunners. Still to do the finishing touches.
  12. Aulenback

    Luthor Wolfenbaum, by Tuomas Pirinen 2019-12-19

    To mark the anniversary of Mordheim in 2019, and to celebrate the size and activity of the Mordheim Facebook Group, Tuomas Pirinen wrote rules for a Dramatis Persona -- none other than Luthor Wolfenbaum, who guides the player [and the newly arrived warband] through the rulebook [and the streets...
  13. Condottiero Magno

    Was Marianna Chevaux intended for another Warhammer Fantasy range?

    Finally acquired a "reasonably priced" Marianna Chevaux off an eBay store and the tab says "female pirate" instead of "vampire." Was GW planning a fantasy pirate range, but dropped it for some reason? I have the pirate captain and still looking for the Sartosa vampire and zombie.
  14. Physical examination of the recruits

    Physical examination of the recruits

  15. Aulenback

    Chariot Races 2019-04-11

    From Citadel Journal 42, a mini-game of chariot races by Space McQuirk, based on Warhammer chariots of that year's edition, but suitable as a mini-game for Empire In Flames and Nemesis Crown games of Mordheim. And, I suppose, for particularly brutal sessions, down a cluttered Mordheim street...
  16. Aulenback

    Run! The Horseman Comes! 2020-09-11

    The winning scenario in Tuomas Pirinen's 2019 Mordheim Facebook group 20th-Anniversary-of-Mordheim scenario competition. A dread tale of a headless horseman returned from beyond the grave.
  17. Aulenback

    "Mordheim Staff League" 2019-03-14

    A look at how Prinien and company ran their own Mordheim campaign at GW, published in White Dwarf, January 2001, but outside the Town Cryer in that issue.
  18. Aulenback

    Sewer Rats 2019-03-01

    In Town Cryer issue seven, this article gave rules for taking warbands adventuring in the dark tunnels beneath the ruined city.
  19. D

    Mordheim Tunnel System?

    Apologies if it's been done before. Are there any rule systems in place for a Warhammer Quest style tunnel system for Mordheim in place at the moment? I'm keen to develop some close quarters gameplay for Mordheim.
  20. Aulenback

    Pre-fire London, visuals

    Some table inspiration. Intentional or not, the Great Fire of London is an obvious inspiration for the city of Mordheim and its ruins, with their narrow streets, erratic construction, leaning upper stories, Tudor architecture, and so on. Here is a group at De Montfort University building a...