1. Pustulio- by trollmeat

    Pustulio- by trollmeat

    A New Scent fromTthe Underhive
  2. Pustulio


  3. Spiky mutant wip

    Spiky mutant wip

    More like spiney... But it works.
  4. Mutant freak yakcomp

    Mutant freak yakcomp

    Bits for a start on Spiky McGee
  5. Bloodsucker_2


  6. Bloodsucker_1B


  7. Bloodsucker_1A


  8. Controller


  9. Scavvies.jpg


  10. 0810211559a.jpg


    Hunting mutants is dangerous work.
  11. 0810211600a.jpg


  12. julezwr

    N18 Julez's Necromunda kitbash extravaganza

    Finished my Necromunda scavvy/mutant gang. Kitbashed from multiple different unit sprues with a bit of greenstuff and guitar string added! I tried to paint them in the style of the 90’s necromunda/scavvy gangs. Here’s how they turned out!
  13. The Dregs - close up of Old One Eye

    The Dregs - close up of Old One Eye

  14. More scavvies of the McGee family (extended)

    More scavvies of the McGee family (extended)

    Two-gun, Ruddy, Tiny, Humpback and Peepers McGee
  15. Ratskin Scavvy Technomutants

    Ratskin Scavvy Technomutants

    So i've got a batch of 30 completely kitbashed and converted Ratskin Scavvy Technomutants. Only white undercoat and dull grey wash on them at this point. Made these in 2017, yet to be finished...
  16. Another gang of filthy cannibalistic mutant scavengers

    Another gang of filthy cannibalistic mutant scavengers

  17. A

    N17 The Sump Horror (And other mutie monster) mini ideas?

    So, I've been trying to come up with a nice evocative and scary monster mini, preferably quite betentacled, to use for the Sump Horror for the monster hunt scenario, and was just curious of anyone else had some cool ideas? At first I'd ordered a Hordes Swamp Horror but it was disappointingly...
  18. scavvyjay

    Mutant Mobs Mutation Revision

    Rather than dilute the Mutant Mobs revision thread, I've started a new thread dedicated to a more expansive mutant list. I've put it on Google Docs and hopefully the link will work and everything will be cool and froody. Discus.
  19. Group shot

    Group shot

    One big happy family.
  20. Down at The Rusty Cog

    Down at The Rusty Cog

    Gill, the swamp creature discovers that he is indeed alone amongst freaks.