1. kacpk_k01

    N18 Necromunda Legacy Index - complete list of every Necromunda Publications from Confrontation (1990) to latest Necromunda Underhive book (2022)

    So 32+ years in between 😃, 216 books, magaznies or articles - it may be useful for some completionists or Arbitrator looking inspiration either in new or old editions. I also include sheets with complete list of Named Characters/Dramatis Personaes, Hired Guns(/Hangers-on, Brutes and Pets)...
  2. MakaroniFresser

    Oklahoma City N23 Players

    Hello all, just letting everyone know that there is a dedicated core of Necromunda players in the north OKC area, our guild is Oklahoma City Hive. There are over a hundred pages of guilds now but there's no search function for them, so here's a thread that will show up in results. We primarily...
  3. T

    N17 Tactics (Deck of Doom) 2024-01-15

    All Tactics.
  4. ClanBuckCANS

    N18 Tales of the 105th: Count down to destruction

    0:30 Shit 0:29 Shit 0:28 SHIT! 0:27 Where the frag was the way out of this soon to be crater!? Wait! 0:26 Scrambling to find the door in the dark had not been part of the plan. If I fragging, get out of this, the thought shattered as she finally found the door. 0:25 As the light of the hanger...
  5. Van Saar test figure

    Van Saar test figure

    Testing a Van Saar paint scheme
  6. JawRippa

    N18 Time to fix blasts! (houserule)

    Edited! Updated #1 and #4 for clarity. Added #5,#6 and #7 suggestions. #2 and #3 are removed into spoiler since they proved to be less popular. 1.1). Targetting ground with blast is prohibitted. Instead you target fighters as normal, following rules for target priority (switching to closer...
  7. JawRippa

    N18 Underhive Ruleset - when "Beta" is better than the final product?

    I was looking through my starter box ruleset and comparing it to N18 core rulebook wondering if I had a fever dream in which I was reading that you could pass through fighters in Underhive ruleset, or if it was actually true. Shockingly, Underhive ruleset is a lot more solid that what we have...
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    remote playing
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    remote playing
  10. Martini Henrie

    N18 The Hardly Quinnes

    WiP escher gang, well these ones are nearly finished but there is a lot more to add once the House of Blades book is out and the extra bits are released.
  11. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss’s Scenery

    A thread to show my scenery (once I’ve got it done). Inspired by @Kiblams and also partially because I’ve been meaning to do this for years now, I’ve decided the time is right to crack on and get some scenery built and painted!! Also due to lack of storage space this stuff needs to be packable...
  12. M

    N18 Dominion Campaign & Gangs joining later in the campaign

    Hi there! Me and a bunch of friends recently started a dominion campaign, with slightly altered rules. We played almost no n17/18/19 until now, so most of our experience is theoretical. Our houserules include: o Territorys: Each battle is fought over a random territory drawn from the pile...
  13. Stoof

    N17 Necromunda Official FAQ - December 2019 2

    Official Specialist Games FAQ released 12th December 2019, originally available direct from GW here. No YakTribe ownership claimed implied.
  14. K

    Help me arm my juve

    Greetings! I recently started building my Escher gang and wanted to converter a Godsworn Hunt model to serve as a juve. Now i can't decide what to arm her with. I'm torn between dual laspistols vs laspistol/stiletto knife. Some folks on IG told me to go dual pistols, but would that be...
  15. Wasteland

    N18 Zombies in N18

    Greetings Hive dweller, have there been sightings (rules) of zombies in the Underhive in the last two years? My gangers need some target practice akin to "shoot ´em in the head" which should come along in special scenarios populated by the shambling dead. Any news about this would be...
  16. V

    Have a look at my list? (Van Saar)

    I think I am going with this list to start a campaign. I wanted to go for 7-8 fighters, and was able to get 8. I don't think the pistol Champ with Gunslinger is optimal because of the short range of pistols, but I just think she's cool. Impressions? I'll be fighting Escher and Goliath. Thanks...
  17. Wasteland

    Deadshot (DC comics) in Necromunda

    Hello folks, I just saw the merc Yar Umbra on Forge World´s homepage and he reminded me of Deadshot from DC comics. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/03/give-a-hand-to-your-gangs-and-dreadnoughts/ Well, screw what I just wrote. I checked Injustice 2 and Deadshot has the EXACT same...
  18. Martini Henrie

    N18 Venator musings

    I'm considering making a Venator gang in the form of a Comisariat recruitment team heading into the hive. I have the special edition commissar Severous Raine and I'm considering tempestus scions to go with her. I plan to use this thread to muse on composition, equipment and skills. See you soon!
  19. Macula Cyber Mastiff

    Macula Cyber Mastiff

  20. Ambot