1. Wasteland

    N18 Zombies in N18

    Greetings Hive dweller, have there been sightings (rules) of zombies in the Underhive in the last two years? My gangers need some target practice akin to "shoot ´em in the head" which should come along in special scenarios populated by the shambling dead. Any news about this would be...
  2. V

    N17 Have a look at my list? (Van Saar)

    I think I am going with this list to start a campaign. I wanted to go for 7-8 fighters, and was able to get 8. I don't think the pistol Champ with Gunslinger is optimal because of the short range of pistols, but I just think she's cool. Impressions? I'll be fighting Escher and Goliath. Thanks...
  3. Wasteland

    N17 Deadshot (DC comics) in Necromunda

    Hello folks, I just saw the merc Yar Umbra on Forge World´s homepage and he reminded me of Deadshot from DC comics. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/03/give-a-hand-to-your-gangs-and-dreadnoughts/ Well, screw what I just wrote. I checked Injustice 2 and Deadshot has the EXACT same...
  4. Martini Henrie

    N18 Venator musings

    I'm considering making a Venator gang in the form of a Comisariat recruitment team heading into the hive. I have the special edition commissar Severous Raine and I'm considering tempestus scions to go with her. I plan to use this thread to muse on composition, equipment and skills. See you soon!
  5. Macula Cyber Mastiff

    Macula Cyber Mastiff

  6. Ambot


  7. Grendl Grendlsen

    Grendl Grendlsen

  8. Grub Targeson

    Grub Targeson

  9. Eyros Slagmyst front

    Eyros Slagmyst front

  10. Eyros Slagmyst back

    Eyros Slagmyst back

  11. Martini Henrie

    N17 GS cult

    So with the Stealer cult list being updated and some fabulous new minis due I've come to the conclusion that I want a gang that plays differently to my VS, as I've done 3 campaigns with them now. Here's a starting gang that I think could lead to interesting things assuming I can get some decent...
  12. R

    Necromunda Bounty Hunters and Ganger Projects and Commissons

    I’ve been a long time fan of Necromunda, ever since it first came out. Finally with all the basic gangs released we have started to arrange a gaming night for this in the future. However, I am the only one with either the painting skill or time to devote to that kind of project. So I find my...
  13. Loriel

    N18 Custom rules for Outlanders

    Introduction I am long time necromunda gamer. I always liked the old outlanders and their thematical rules. Thus I want to have rules for them to use during N18 games. This thread is about gaining ideas and working out something quite simple to use and flavourful outlander experiences. I will...
  14. M

    N18 Loss of a Leader in Chaos Cults?

    I'm starting a group playing N17/18 with a Last Gang Standing campaign adopted from the compiled N17 rules (as a Turf War spinoff, the campaign variant doesn't appear in the new books). Which means a lot of folks are going to die over the course of this very short campaign. My question is this...
  15. almic85

    N18 Eternal Campaign Variant

    Mostly because I am sick of seeing people complain that they don't like the Dominion campaign as presented in the rule book below is a proposed alternative campaign structure for anyone to use if they so wish. Feel free to change it or alter it as you see fit to make it work for your group...
  16. V

    N17 First take on a Delaque gang, C&C welcome

    Well this will be my first rough scetch of a starting Delaque gang with the limitations the sprue leaves us with. I know I could convert stuff but I will be honest... I like the aesthetics of the Delaque weapons and I dont think weapons from other lines really fit into it. So without more...
  17. M

    N17 Venator Arbites/Enforcers feedback

    I'm starting a short campaign soon to get my group (and myself) up to speed on the new rules and gauge interest/build excitement for a longer campaign heavier on Arbitrator scenarios and general hijinx. So far, I've got four players more or less locked- my own Goliaths, a Chaos Cult, a...
  18. naztek


    The various gangs of Ashgate start challenging each other for territory, while keeping the guilders on their toes.
  19. Howks


    Ok, stepping out of my comfort zone a little, I was wondering who in the Manchester area would be willing to give me some practice/friendly games of N17 to get me up to speed on the new rules. When it first landed - I hated it and wanted to stick with NCE but I realise that I should probably...
  20. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 3 1

    This was a quick cycle due to there being only 3 remaining territories to claim. 3 Decisive fights later and the downtime cycle begun, but almost all the gangs participated in a multiplayer special side battle.