1. A

    N17 Territory cards 1.0

    Territory cards for N17 Dominion Campaign. Print, sleeve with opaque sleeves and use during choosing territories for the campaign. Also can be used as a remainder of which territories belogns to which gang.
  2. UnderhiveBerzerker

    Experience with Hired guns cost exl. gear

    Greeting fellow underhive scum I am starting an new campaign and want to get Hired guns on the board, but the high cost makes them unplayable IMO. my plan is to house rule that an gang only pays the base cost for the mercenary and not the gear that he is equiped with. e.g. Bounty hunter costs...
  3. naztek

    Bug Underhive Tools won't progress to next step

    Hey there, I'm running into an issue trying out the Underhive tools for the first time. The following error presents itself each time I try to submit a change. Be it a gang creation, adding a gang member, or editing said gang member. The task completes, but instead of moving to the next screen...
  4. Z

    Bug Juve Equipment

    For N17, a couple of issues I've just discovered with Juve equipment this week. First, I hired a Juve for my gang (Orlock) a few weeks ago who I initially gave a stub gun, a fighting knife, and mesh armor, and he fought with the gang for a couple of battles. Earlier this week, I had some...
  5. S

    Suggested rules for a new campaign

    I’m starting a n17 campaign in Austin Texas and I wanted people’s thoughts on the rules I’m using. Dominion system. All gangs legal using the most updated rules. Dangerous footing card banned. Using both the regular faq and yak tribe faq. Yay tribe faq has primacy if they are in conflict...
  6. Loriel

    N17 N17 Spyrers 0.1

    Me, @Graushwein and @Ikiry0 have teamed up to make rules for Spyrers. They are based on the NCE spyrer gang. This is the first version and we hope to get some feedback on the rules. Here is link to WIP thread https://yaktribe.games/community/forums/gangs-loadout.5/page-2
  7. Deckard_2049

    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    The old ones looked kinda monkey headed to me so i'll be glad to see that be gone. I'm hoping the spook stuff is very present, also las weapons, couple bullet weapons. So far the gangs have turned out mostly similar to the previewed artwork like this, so maybe they will have a kind of high...
  8. UnderhiveBerzerker

    Charging into/outta darkness

    Hello fellow underhivers I have a Q regarding how the community would use the darkness rules, like "Genetarium" boon and "Into the dark" It states that a fighter can only target an enemy with an ranged attack if it is within 3 inch or has an mozzle flare/balze marker. Photogoggles or infrared...
  9. PEBB18

    N17 Reach for the stars

    So has been about two years since being away from the hobby (painting/modeling wise), but in that time have purchased Bloodbowl, N17 and Kingdom death (another great gem I have wanted for quiet some time). I struggle to paint most of the miniatures I make and tend to just kit bash mini after...
  10. AxeSlash

    Redemptionist Weapons in N17

    The Eviscerator and Exterminator currently have no rules, but I'm buggered if I'm waiting for GW to bring out some proper Redemptionist rules, so for the meantime I'll playing them as Cawdor... For Exterminators, I'm thinking the same stats as a Flamer, but with the Single Shot trait...
  11. cainex1

    Necromunda 4 Pages of Necromunda Signs and Posters 2018-12-16

    Compiled for easy use and scaled to normal sheet size. Previews provided here, the originals are around 3 MB each. https://imgur.com/a/X6jvsvz Updated main sheet to theme better and pack more goodies https://imgur.com/a/qpETFjD New sheet added with more tasty Necro goodness!
  12. Loriel

    Spyrers for N17 WIP

    Spyrers for N17 VAULT LINK: https://yaktribe.games/community/vault/n17-spyrers.955/ Introduction: First I started a project for Spyrers on my own, but @Graushwein and @Ikiry0 suggested that we would team up to make these rules better. Hopefully we can come up with decent rules that capture...
  13. SirFrog

    Removing vs retiring fighters

    A few things came up at the start of the last cycle, where the lead player rolled snake eyes on the house favours. The House Favour table result of 2 states that the player must select one of their Juves or Gangers and remove them from the gang. The question is if the removed fighter leaves...
  14. Devilmixer

    Cawdor starting gang

    What do you guys think of this as a starting gang for a campaign? and what skills would you start with? https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/righteous_fire.23915/
  15. SirWalterManny

    Tactics Card Deck Size

    Can see a couple mentions of house rules from some time back, but just wanted to check: Is there any 'official' guidance on tactics card deck size or customisation? Having bought each of the gang card packs, and assuming more will come in the future, is there a minimum or maximum size deck you...
  16. Spamuel

    N17 A little slice of Hiven.

    Well I have finally bitten the bullet and started myself a full blown Necro table. It all started when a buddy from my regular gang bashes printed me a glorious pile of half foot Zone Mortalis tiles and told me that I had more coming. The pile started growing, with my progress somehow going...
  17. Cawdor Ganger

    Cawdor Ganger

  18. Cawdor Ganger

    Cawdor Ganger

  19. Cawdor Ganger

    Cawdor Ganger

  20. Cawdor Ganger

    Cawdor Ganger