1. naztek

    N17 Ashgate Players Pack 1.0

    The settlement of Ashgate is a guild stronghold near the shell of hive Secondus. Due to its close proximity to a rampgate that supplies trade between hives as well as an external gate that leads to nearby shanties and allows for trade with the wasteland nomads, Ashgate is a major trade hub. The...
  2. C

    Melee heavy Goliath gang

    Hi all! I was lucky enough to find N17 in my stocking this Christmas and I'm working on building a Goliath gang. My planned roster is below, but I would appreciate your comments. Especially as I have yet to play the game. Leader: Renderizer, Frag Grenades Champion: Renderizer, Stub Gun...
  3. M

    Mithril's WiP...from 0 to ?... [Escher and Goliath's]

    Heya, Thought i'd start a thread to show my very first start in the new Necromunda game .... first WiP Lady deathstroke - and next a PiP of "no name as yet " Ganger.. hazard stripes will be showing "roughly" the front 90' arc Cheers, Mithril
  4. MusingWarboss

    Fighter Cards

    So we have blank Fighter Cards in the Necromunda Underhive box, plus the ones in the extra cards packs. As of yet GW haven’t released any spares. Given the fact that they’ll be releasing more gangs in future those boxed blanks won’t last long. So, bar the printable ones now added to the...
  5. S

    Building newcromunda Eschers

    So I have the new game and I'm really finding building the Escher gang tough. They are so fiddly! In addition I seem to be getting gaps between the heads and the hair pieces. Finally I am finding it hard to convert them at all as it seems a lot of the weapons are being held in the"wrong" hand...
  6. Commissariat

    Your Opinions on Juves? Juve Tactics Discussion

    Firstly, I was a player who ran as many Juves as possible in ORB/NCE. They were perfect long-time investments and really came into their own with plenty of stories to tell. I was the "Juve Guy" in the group because I swore by them and always had them carrying weight. However there seems to be a...
  7. Stubram

    Retromunda VS Neomunda

    howdy all. Looking for some opinions. This may have been covered already but couldn’t be buggered to trawl through the insanely long (though interesting) N17 convos. I’ve not bought into to N17 yet as a) I just want the rules (got models and terrain), and b) it feels a little unfinished...
  8. J

    N17 4x4 Necromunda Game Mat 2017-12-13

    This is a file that can be printed as a vinyl banner and used as a game mat base for necromunda games.
  9. Brother Axl


    Hi all I'm back with a new email address after a bit of an absence - so hi all. I've played a couple of games of N17 and enjoyed them though the rules are a little obscure and muddled at present. Anyhow, on to the thrust of this post! Autopistols seem to be a pretty solid weapon. +1 at a 4"...
  10. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    This thread will be dedicated to updating the status of the new Underhive tools development. Members are free to add their suggestions for the new tools or assist with the development if possible to expedite things :) Necromunda: Underhive tools have now been released. Still To Come Hired Gun...
  11. Teun135

    New Necromunda for the New Year: Teun's Blood Stones

    Long time lurker, first time poster! I've always wanted to jump into Necromunda, as I loved playing Mordheim back in the day, but the OOP models were a bit too rich for my blood when prices skyrocketed. With an affordable new boxed set, I'm jumping in feet-first! My girlfriend claimed the...
  12. AxeSlash

    4-way Rumble Scenario/rules advice

    One of my mates has a regular board game night at his house where we play stuff that's usually a fair amount simpler than Necromunda (Zombicide is probably the most complex I've seen them play, although they're not averse to a bit of Twilight Imperium), and having just bought the new Necro box...
  13. G

    How Big is Too Big?

    I'm new to Necromunda and am unsure of how big I should let my gang be. I'm planning on playing a core house gang until I get the rules down. So no being cheeky and saying "Six Spires and ten Arbities"
  14. Malo

    General Necromunda 2017 Discussion

    General rants, images, news and your progress with the new Necromunda 2017 that doesn't have it's own thread in the specific forums. How goes the clipping and gluing? :) Previous 200+ page thread
  15. King Redwart

    Necromunda LAGGNOG’s back baby!!! Battle Reps/Fluff (Page 8)

    It’s that time again. The political landscape of Hive Primus is in upheaval as the Great and the Good duke it out for the opportunity to represent their house in the ruling council. Despite these machinations being so vastly elevated from the day to day existence of the down-hive population, the...