1. mazgruk

    Necromunda Awakened Ogryn not adding to wealth correctly

    The cost of the Awakened Ogryn is not counted toward the gang wealth. The only thing added to the wealth is the adjusted cost of 30 for its extra power. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/copy_of_o.r.k._ogryn_revolution_komitee.508485/
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  3. celticgriffon

    N18 Celticgriffon Necromunda 18 Video Battle Report Orlocks vs Goliaths

    Hey guys and gals, It has been forever since we played a game of Necromunda... In this episode Mark and his Orlock's battle against my Goliath's. Both are nameless 'cause that's how it goes sometimes. We also polish a bottle of Flor de Cana. Points values were around 1250 per side. 2017...
  4. kacpk_k01

    N17 Ash Wastes GW-like Cards for Seasons and Environmets 2022-10-31

    Ash Wastes GW-like Cards for Seasons and Environmets
  5. J

    N18 Balance Discussion

    Greetings. My group is looking at starting an Ash Wastes campaign. I've also got some 3d Printed Jump Boosters/Jetpack, from Reptilian Overlords. I was thinking of making them a 65 credit Rare item in the Trading post, and just copying the rules from Orlock Wreckers, with the stipulation that...
  6. Y

    Question Outcast gang. yes, no?

    now that we got the prospectors and nomads, im curious hows the outcast gang support going, are we getting any, or is it just gonna stay all custom, and not even partial supported?
  7. kacpk_k01

    N18 Necromunda Legacy Index - complete list of every Necromunda Publications from Confrontation (1990) to latest Necromunda Underhive book (2022)

    So 32+ years in between 😃, 216 books, magaznies or articles - it may be useful for some completionists or Arbitrator looking inspiration either in new or old editions. I also include sheets with complete list of Named Characters/Dramatis Personaes, Hired Guns(/Hangers-on, Brutes and Pets)...
  8. kacpk_k01

    N18 Pit Slave Gang Rules for Necromunda Underhive (2018)

    I wanted to include Pit Slaves gang in my campaign, but could not find proper rules for them for the new Necromunda (they were originally released in WD 224 by Andy Chambers I think) - so I made them myself, as I don't think we will see them, especially that Slave Ogryns act as their semi...
  9. M

    N18 First time player, 1000pts Enforcers

    Hello there! At the behest of my D&D group, I am getting into Necromunda after a decade-long break from the 41st millennium. Members of our group have already picked Orlocks (which probably would have been my go-to) and Goliaths, so after a bit of research I found myself drawn to the Enforcer...
  10. K

    Damage question

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to playing Necromunda and have a question for everyone. When do you roll the damage dice? Do you roll for each wound suffered or only after the last one is lost? The rules in the book seem rather vague to me. Thanks
  11. R

    N18 Goliath List w/ No dermal hardening

    As there are lots of arbitrators and house rules out there limiting gene-smithing, I wanted to see if a list with NO dermal hardening and NO gene-smithing options duplicated could still be viable. I initially wanted to make a broken and stupid list but I'm actually tempted to play what I've come...
  12. MakaroniFresser

    Oklahoma City N23 Players

    Hello all, just letting everyone know that there is a dedicated core of Necromunda players in the north OKC area, our guild is Oklahoma City Hive. There are over a hundred pages of guilds now but there's no search function for them, so here's a thread that will show up in results. We primarily...
  13. B

    N18 First time running a Campaign

    Hello Hiver’s Has anybody who has run a campaign previously provide any hints or tips for me please? I am running our first campaign in Doncaster Uk, we have been able to assemble and wrangle a few BB and 40k players together and have a dominion campaign planned out. Gang wise it’s looking like...
  14. T

    N17 Tactics (Deck of Doom) 2024-01-15

    All Tactics.
  15. G

    N18 Law and Misrule - 1k Delaque

    Hi all, New Law & Misrule campaign starting in a few weeks, and after 3 campaigns of Cawdor I figured I'd try out my first loves again. Campaign Rules: 1. No Expansion/Justice phases 2. Yes, intrigues. House favours, are at Campaign Tyrants discretion (assuming as a catchup mechanic) 3...
  16. F

    Necromunda, Casual Belper Meet

    Necromunda. Casual Belper Meet. We are having a day of casual Necromunda ( and a bit of kill team for thieves that want it ) on October the 17th in Belper. This is the day after Sump Con in the same place. tickets can be found here. https://www.tabletopevents.co.uk/tickets/necromunda
  17. ChapterAquila92

    N18 Stark Iron Uplink - Van Saar

    Heyo, ChapterAquila92 here! Over the past two years I've been tinkering with list-building my Van Saar gang to come up with a way that's both competitive and fun. My first gang list during the pre-House of Artifice days was something of a walking disaster. Plasma pistol and power knife on my...
  18. ClanBuckCANS

    N18 Tales of the 105th: Count down to destruction

    0:30 Shit 0:29 Shit 0:28 SHIT! 0:27 Where the frag was the way out of this soon to be crater!? Wait! 0:26 Scrambling to find the door in the dark had not been part of the plan. If I fragging, get out of this, the thought shattered as she finally found the door. 0:25 As the light of the hanger...
  19. L

    N18 Custom Scenario Feedback Requested

    Hello everyone! I've made some custom scenarios for an upcoming local 10 week campaign. Any feedback would be appreciated! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pcqnJBIJamg7a6sp7fa2molV_ghPpYEZ/view?usp=sharing
  20. T

    N18 Vote: Master-crafted, is it gone? N18-N20+ comparison

    According to the rules of 2018 (N18), Master-crafted is as follows: Status item at the trading post Rarity (10) Cost 25% of the weapon's cost (rounded up to nearest 5 credits) Re-roll a failed hit once per round. Master-crafted changed in the "House of" books 2020-2021 (N20+): Trait Fixed...