1. Wasteland

    N18 Battle Bible for Necromunda (2018)

    Hello guys, I read a couple of weeks ago on DAKKA DAKKA that some folks on yaktribe are so disgusted with the way GW screwed up the new Necromunda books that there is now an initiative to rewrite the whole rules by the community. By rewriting I mean the way 9th Age handled the rules...
  2. JawRippa

    N18 Time to fix blasts! (houserule)

    Edited! Updated #1 and #4 for clarity. Added #5,#6 and #7 suggestions. #2 and #3 are removed into spoiler since they proved to be less popular. 1.1). Targetting ground with blast is prohibitted. Instead you target fighters as normal, following rules for target priority (switching to closer...
  3. JawRippa

    N18 Underhive Ruleset - when "Beta" is better than the final product?

    I was looking through my starter box ruleset and comparing it to N18 core rulebook wondering if I had a fever dream in which I was reading that you could pass through fighters in Underhive ruleset, or if it was actually true. Shockingly, Underhive ruleset is a lot more solid that what we have...
  4. SirWalterManny

    N18 Gunk Special Ammunition (Book of Peril p89)

    So, utterly confused by the weapons reference chart for Gunk ammunition and bolt weapons... I am assuming there is at least one, possibly more, errors here. Can't see this addressed in official FAQs. Has anyone (a) seen this corrected/confirmed/updated anywhere else (couldn't see Gunk ammo...
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    The insignia of the Necromundan 105th regiment. Call sign currently open for debate. No seriously I need help.
  6. V

    N18 Veldon's Sumpy Campaign and House Rules. Personal desperate attempt at structuring the n18 mess.

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker here, first time posting. I'd like to thank this amazing community and it's many discussions around everything necromunda. I particularly enjoy posts by the likes of Thorgor and TopsyKretts (and many others) as they have helped my wrap my head around some of the...
  7. trollmeat

    N18 Show off your Cold Traders - Smuggler Shore Parties (looking for inspiration/ideas)

    Please post your Cold Trader - Smuggle Shore Party pics here. :D There are not yet any official models for Smuggler Shore Party from the Cold Traders Allies, and as far as I can tell only a vague description of ~”Cold Traders are Space Smugglers and the unit description/equipment and stats...
  8. Juve “Harris”.

    Juve “Harris”.

    I’ve reworked my Classic Goliath into a Juve. Now with added chopper.
  9. Wasteland

    N18 Characters in Enforcer book

    Happy new year, fellas! So I finally bought as a huge Judge Dredd fan Complete case files #25, an Enforcer squad, Enforcer dice and the Enforcer book in December. I still have to figure out how to build the squad but what I gleaned from a superficial reading was the very poor ballistic skill...
  10. Vonvilkee

    N18 Opinions on bringing back old-school combat

    Hello Yak Tribe, I am starting this thread to solicit the opinions of the many wonderful posters here. I am gearing up for a perpetual campaign and as arbitrator I get to mold the whole thing! I really miss the ORB combat rolls. What do you think of bringing them back? Below is my initial...
  11. Stoof

    N17 Necromunda Official FAQ - December 2019 2

    Official Specialist Games FAQ released 12th December 2019, originally available direct from GW here. No YakTribe ownership claimed implied.
  12. B

    N18 House Sub-plots with Outlaw Gangs

    Hello, Hive citizens, I come with a question that is troubling me, and it's about House Sub-plots. Let's say I want to run a Dominion Campaign, but want to include the Black Market and Criminal Alliances that came in the Book of Judgment as well as Guild Alliances from the Book of Peril and I...
  13. GraaEminense

    N18 The Complete Campaign?

    Has anyone yet done the work of compiling the various campaigns and optional rules into a single system? I'm considering writing everything into a single "campaign document" for our next campaign and want to include as much as possible, but just slotting everything into a Dominion or Misrule...
  14. K

    Help me arm my juve

    Greetings! I recently started building my Escher gang and wanted to converter a Godsworn Hunt model to serve as a juve. Now i can't decide what to arm her with. I'm torn between dual laspistols vs laspistol/stiletto knife. Some folks on IG told me to go dual pistols, but would that be...
  15. Baffo

    N18 Black Market's new stuff discussion/clarifications

    I finally got my pre-ordered copy of the Book of Judgement today. So far I've managed to just skim trough the book, but I've spent the most time going over the new weapons and items from the Black market and there are so many fun/interesting little jewels. My favorites so far are the Xenoculum...
  16. SirWalterManny

    N18 Imperial Imposters - Master Charlatan (Book of Judgement, p13, p15)

    Am I missing something obvious? P13: “When choosing an alliance in which to enter into, an Outlaw gang may select from one of the following:.... Imperial Imposters” - Only Outlaw gangs can have an alliance with them. Law abiding gangs may not. P15: [Imperial Imposters: Drawbacks] “During the...
  17. B

    N18 House of Iron: Meet the Cast

    House of Iron Characters! Coming soon we will be releasing Issue 1 as the Ferrum Skulls move to take control of areas of the "Northern Quarter" Hab and Mining district (game to base the first story on is on Monday)
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