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  4. Loriel

    Necromunda Campaign: Spire of Babel

    SPIRE OF BABEL INTRODUCTION Spire of Babel is ancient dome that has collapsed. Its ruins harbors vile creatures and wretched dwellers, who doesn't care about the Guilders laws. Sometimes house gangs attempt to establish permanent foothold in the wild Babel, but time after time Babel has proven...
  5. Spenetrator

    N18 Spen's Gangs

    Update: I'm currently painting up an Outcast Gang, but have a Cawdor, Delaque, Enforcer, Escher, Goliath, Orlock & Slave Ogryn gangs Painted (Pics below), Also have some Mantic 'Not Squats' as venators built. and my Van saars are still in their boxes... I swore I was only going to commit to...
  6. AxeSlash

    N18 NCE -> N18 Special Characters

    So it's easy enough to convert most stats from NCE to N18: D6 stats are 6-(stat-1) 2D6 stats are 12-(stat-2) ...But obviously NCE doesn't have Cl, Wil, or Int stats. What's a good way to make those up that is acceptable to opponents? Specifically I'm looking to use Klovis The Redeemer...
  7. Devilmixer

    Necromunda Named Bounty hunters

    is there a way to add one of the named bounty huntes to my gang, useing the YT gang builder?
  8. U

    N18 What are people doing for charging up ladders?

    So sorry if there are posts on this, i couldn't find anything on search. What are people doing with regard to charging up ladders, especially when there are fighters at the top of the ladder that are out of line of sight, but are blocking the ability of a fighter to move off the ladder in order...
  9. Dnk_83

    N18 Needle Ways & Sentries Rule

    Right fellow yakkers, help me out here! I am playing a dominion campaign (as Delaque) and have Needle Ways so I am able to infiltrate up to two groups of three after round 1, excellent! HOWEVER, if I am the defender in a Sentries scenario what (of the below) happens: 1. I am able to infiltrate...
  10. Loriel

    N18 ARCHAEOTECH DEVICE weapon trait combination maddness

    So I got archeotech device last night while playing our LANTA SECTOR I-7 campaign and it got me thinking what kind of combination or odd rules it could spring up. So basicly it allows choosing Blaze, Rad-phage, Seismic, or Shock and give it to any number of weapons I list different question...
  11. D

    Adapting Old campaigns to N18

    Just wondering anyone has tried adapting some of the older campaign in the vault to N18. wanting to know if it is fairly easy or if it required a lot of work asking due to the fact that I want to run the Chaos Gate campaign but in a N18 setting rather than classic Necromunda
  12. Loriel

    LANTA SECTOR I-7 [Campaign Ended]

    LANTA SECTOR I-7 Campaign has ended. Unease peace has come to LANTA SECTOR I-7 Introduction Campaign starts 12.1.2019 Campaign ends 9.3.2019 Triumphs Dominator = Buff Dudes / Van Saaremaa 5 Slaughterer = Steeler Brothers - 33 Creditor = Buff Dudes - 2415 Warmonger = Steeler Brothers - 13...
  13. R

    Necromunda Bounty Hunters and Ganger Projects and Commissons

    I’ve been a long time fan of Necromunda, ever since it first came out. Finally with all the basic gangs released we have started to arrange a gaming night for this in the future. However, I am the only one with either the painting skill or time to devote to that kind of project. So I find my...
  14. UnderhiveBerzerker

    N18 Specialist weapons for existing gangers?

    Hello fellow scum A quick Q. In the N18 rules the following is stated "During a campaign, additional Gangers may take special weapons as they are added." -Gangs of the underhive p32 Gangers equipment Does this mean ? A) one ganger at creation may have a special weapon, and only newly hired...
  15. Paupoi

    Necromunda Fat guy at the Gym, Paupoi's Painting Thread.

    Hi and welcome all to my miniature painting thread-blog-sumpthing. If you came here to peep at beautiful painted miniatures you are not in luck. This is a thread for all of you lurkers, the procrastinators, the ones who cannot muster the courage to start painting cause "there's people so...
  16. P

    New Dominion campaign - Reading, UK. Recruitment for March 2019

    Hi my name's Dave J. If you're a gamer from Reading, Berkshire we may have bumped into eachother already. My group (now at 3 regulars) will be doing the takeover phase of a campaign between January and March. This means I will start a new campaign with new / splinter gangs only from March. This...
  17. Loriel

    N18 Custom rules for Outlanders

    Introduction I am long time necromunda gamer. I always liked the old outlanders and their thematical rules. Thus I want to have rules for them to use during N18 games. This thread is about gaining ideas and working out something quite simple to use and flavourful outlander experiences. I will...
  18. M

    N18 Loss of a Leader in Chaos Cults?

    I'm starting a group playing N17/18 with a Last Gang Standing campaign adopted from the compiled N17 rules (as a Turf War spinoff, the campaign variant doesn't appear in the new books). Which means a lot of folks are going to die over the course of this very short campaign. My question is this...
  19. King Redwart

    Necromunda LAGGNOG’s back baby!!! Battle Reps/Fluff (Page 8)

    It’s that time again. The political landscape of Hive Primus is in upheaval as the Great and the Good duke it out for the opportunity to represent their house in the ruling council. Despite these machinations being so vastly elevated from the day to day existence of the down-hive population, the...