1. Aulenback

    N18 Using Genestealer Gang rules to play Pit Slaves in N23?

    Ahoy, all. My favourite gangs for the past few decades have been Ratskins and Pit Slaves. Ash Nomads appear to be the new game's version of Ratskins, more or less, in the part of using the weather while largely being immune to it, and a mix of mid-range and melee. Looking about for a way to...
  2. Aulenback

    N17 Ninety Fivers Campaign Variant 1.1

    A small Campaign Variant, parallel to those found in the 2023 Core Rule Book, aiming to evoke directly the need to have healthy Gangers to work Territories, and the scrabble for Profits out of a gang's Income. This is different from the "Classic Campaign" variant which simply removes Brutes...