1. Aulenback

    ORB Calling Cards from Necromunda Magazine 11 2024-03-10

    From Necromunda Magazine issue number 11, an article suggesting Arbitrator-applied quirks (and associated benefits and penalties) to new gangs. Signature items, styles, fashions, behaviours.
  2. D

    ORB Dual Knife, with no ranged weapon. (Only melee)

    Hello, I have a doubt about the equipment in N95. My son is creating an Orlock gang and he wants a gang member to carry only melee weapons (actually 2 knives), I have told him that is a bad idea but he insists on not carrying ranged weapons. Does he have any bonus for dual wilding 2 knives?
  3. WeRT!

    ORB Necromunda 1995 - Templates and Blast Markers (A4 print) 1.0

    Hey. This time recreated items: - Blast Marker 1" - Blast Marker 1.5" - Blast Marker 2" - Hand Flamer template - Flamer template. In two version - with text and without (2nd page). Base on the best scan I was able to find + Photoshop AI for removing French text - and some color / contrast...