1. MusingWarboss

    Necromunda MusingWarboss's Base Labels - Inkscape File - 25mm v.1 1

    NAME YOUR FIGHTERS! If you want to give your Necromunda (or similar) fighters some personalised names not just on the roster sheet but on the actual models bases too - then these paper wrappable labels are just what you need!! This is an Inkscape file, so due to the limitations of this website...
  2. Base Rim Labels Preview

    Base Rim Labels Preview

    Been trying to make a thing to accurately angle text on a 25mm base for Necromunda, SW:A, Kill Team etc. Preview of efforts so far.
  3. WillingSand

    N18 Orlock Iron Stare - how does it work?

    Hello folks, I'm wondering how the Orlock legendary name Iron Stare is interacting with Target Priority. Let's say my opponent can shoot at two of my gangers in the open. One is a regular guy, but he wants to shoot at the Arms Master behind him, who has an 'Iron Stare'. So he has to roll a...