1. Stoof

    TribeSoiree 2019

    TribeSoiree was a one-day ad-hoc campaign fought between the Spyrer teams of Stoof (The Bet'Stoth-Tyran-Atro-Ryos-DeStrella Safari) and @CaptainDangerous (The Power Strangers), and the Pitslaves of @Ardavion once they decided to make a break from the monotiny of cleaning and polishing their...
  2. 5-2-HeadbuttingContest.jpg


    Game 4 - A trditional Orrus headbutting competition as per the Marquis De Deflange's M38 Treatise on Cranial Compaction. It ends with a painful sounding crunch for the red Power Stranger
  3. 5-1-AllGoneABitStabby.jpg


    Game 4 - Rapidly became very stabby. I can't even remember what the mission was.
  4. 4-1-WellThatWasQuick.jpg


    Game 3 - Hot & Run over lightning fast thanks to a B'STARD Malcadon picking up Sprint - 18" Charge anyone?
  5. 3-4-DoubleTeam.jpg


    Analysis units have officially classified this as "Code Brown" for the Power Strangers black Hive Chicken.
  6. 3-3-SneakAttack.jpg


    Some relation of the original B'STARD Yeld swoops in from the shadows to take his opposite number down.
  7. 3-2-HaveAtYee.jpg


    The Yeld holds his own against the Malcadon!
  8. 3-1-MyBarrel.jpg


    A swooping Hive Chicken tries to steal back the Malcadon's valuable barrel of suit maintenance nanobots.
  9. 2-8-Dammit.jpg


    Victory, but at what cost? DAMMIT! However, we're in the Spyre - there are literally hundreds of siblings and cousins to step into a failed hunter's freshly valeted combat suit.
  10. 2-7-AbsenceOfBody.jpg


    As B'STARD reinforcements converge, the Power Strangers decide that in a crisis absence of body is better than presence of mind.
  11. 2-6-Firefight.jpg


    A standing firefight develops between the B'STARD Orrus and the Power Strangers Yeld and Jakara
  12. 2-5-Splorch.jpg


    Down he goes!
  13. 2-4-DoubleRewenge.jpg


    Revenge! The Jakara and Malcadon from the B'STARD Safari seek venegance for their winged brethren.
  14. 2-2-Gank.jpg

    2-2-Gank.jpg does not go well.
  15. 2-1-Yeldcharge.jpg


    Game 1 - The B'STARD Safari's brave Yeld swoops in to confront the Power Strangers' Malcadon...
  16. 1-Pestcontrol.jpg


    The playing field needed to be cleared a buit before the real fun could begin
  17. 1-CaptainCloneX.jpg


    Captain Clone X - In his prime and after some months left alone on the CSS Crumpet with an inexhaustible supply of Double Deckers
  18. Redemptionist Conversion

    Redemptionist Conversion

    Mini conversion to a 'boltgun'
  19. Redemptionist Conversion

    Redemptionist Conversion

    Mini conversion to a 'boltgun'
  20. AxeSlash

    N18 NCE -> N18 Special Characters

    So it's easy enough to convert most stats from NCE to N18: D6 stats are 6-(stat-1) 2D6 stats are 12-(stat-2) ...But obviously NCE doesn't have Cl, Wil, or Int stats. What's a good way to make those up that is acceptable to opponents? Specifically I'm looking to use Klovis The Redeemer...