1. Yakcomp#41 part 2 wip

    Yakcomp#41 part 2 wip

    Cyber alsatian and terrain piece with some paint on.
  2. Cyber alsatian wip, yakcomp#41

    Cyber alsatian wip, yakcomp#41

    Ready for primer
  3. Scavvy and enforcer

    Scavvy and enforcer

    For yakcomp#41
  4. Predator and prey

    Predator and prey

    But who is who?
  5. Enforcer and prey, yakcomp#41 WIP

    Enforcer and prey, yakcomp#41 WIP

    Enforcer ready for primer, prey just needs a gun...
  6. Handler and dog YC#41

    Handler and dog YC#41

    Starting bits for yakcomp #41 "Beastmaster".
  7. Daughters of Nakano 2

    Daughters of Nakano 2

    Gangers and Juves of the samurai-inspired Escher
  8. Daughters of Nakano 1

    Daughters of Nakano 1

    Leader, Heavies and 2 Gangers of the samurai-inspired Escher
  9. Ganger with Autogun, side

    Ganger with Autogun, side

    Count as Orlock with Autogun and Laspistol
  10. Ganger with Autogun

    Ganger with Autogun

    Arkanaut Company with Mad Robot weapons
  11. F

    Necromunda, Casual Belper Meet

    Necromunda. Casual Belper Meet. We are having a day of casual Necromunda ( and a bit of kill team for thieves that want it ) on October the 17th in Belper. This is the day after Sump Con in the same place. tickets can be found here.
  12. Stoof

    NCE BLINDSIDER - The Cursed Plasma Pistol of Crazy Sonja 1.0

    “Blindsider. The name strikes fear into some of the stoutest hearts of the Underhive. Spoken in hushed voices in dingy bars, lest mere mention of it bring its cursed attention on the speaker. Once the prized possession of Escher gang leader Crazy Sonja Stefani, Blindsider was taken from her when...
  13. Enforcer, back

    Enforcer, back

    Prototype for an NCE Enforcer squad
  14. Enforcer, front

    Enforcer, front

    Prototype for an NCE Enforcer squad
  15. Enforcer, primed

    Enforcer, primed

    First Enforcer model, Mad Robot miniature
  16. S

    N18 AHQ as Necromunda Dungeon Crawl (dreamy madness on my part?)

    I had a strange idea last night: has anyone thought of adapting Advanced Heroquest rules for Necromunda dungeon crawls?? Hear me out! In Necromunda, there's a whole lot of exploration of ruined Hive stuff, and it seems like not a stretch to say that a Warband might pick up a guilder assignment...
  17. MedMos

    MedMos finished gangs/warbands

    As I am on the verge of finishing up multiple gangs this year (fingers crossed!), I got the urge to put them all in one space without all the wip clutter. Finished is of course a relative term, as new members can always be added at a later date. But with the FYSC motivation and hobby time...
  18. FYSC Fall 2020 November

    FYSC Fall 2020 November

    Terrain, Haearn the Cawdor Heavy, Interrogator Sin'Atra with Sliza Minelli and Servo Skull, 10 scavvies of the McGee Family (extended)
  19. G

    NCE NCE starter gangs

    I bought a bunch of Escher right as Specialist Games was closing. Recently picked up some Catachan from ebay + bitz box for Orlocks. With all the time on my hands due to Covid I burned through my BFG projects, through Mordheim, and now I'm onto Necromunda. I played prior to Outlanders and...
  20. JawRippa

    N18 Advancement system: new and old

    I propose discussing and comparing new or advancement systems and promotions here. If you have some houserules regarding those, make sure to post them here! I think that current advancement system has a fatal flaw: additional costs add up quickly which results in "gang bloat" (when you inflate...