1. Biggle_Bear

    Tribemeet Germany 2024

    TRIBEMEET GERMANY 2024 Date: Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of August 2024 Location: Biggle Bear’s Forward Command Shack, located approximately 20km outside of Duisburg, NRW, Germany. Game being played: NCE Places: 6 (5 available) Price: 10€ per day Time: 9am - 9pm Saturday 9am - 9pm Sunday...
  2. JawRippa

    Gang Showdown - a complete rule overhaul

    Hello. I'd like to share a translated ruleset that I have been baking for quite some time. It is the Main Rulebook and a demo version of Campaign Rules as well as overhauled skill tables. Everything here is somewhat compatible with Gangs of the Underhive or House of X series, whichever you...
  3. Enforcer sniper, back

    Enforcer sniper, back

    Mad Robot mini with kitbashed rifle
  4. Enforcer sniper, front

    Enforcer sniper, front

    Mad Robot mini with kitbashed rifle
  5. Yakcomp 47 bits

    Yakcomp 47 bits

    A sniper for my enforcer team in progress.
  6. Orrus wip

    Orrus wip

  7. Spyrer Hunters!

    Spyrer Hunters!

    Orrus, Jakara, Yeld and 2 Malcadons, as a present for my friend
  8. Spyrers pip

    Spyrers pip

    Progress after the first session
  9. Spyrers wip

    Spyrers wip

    2 Malcadons, a Yeld and a Jakara
  10. Enforcer Specialist, back

    Enforcer Specialist, back

    Mad Robot miniature, ready to plasma some fools!
  11. Enforcer Specialist, front

    Enforcer Specialist, front

    Mad Robot miniature, ready to enforce!
  12. Enforcer specialist

    Enforcer specialist

    Mad Robot miniature, primed and ready for duty, erh paint!
  13. Pit slave "Mask"

    Pit slave "Mask"

    Pit slave for yakcomp and tribemeet
  14. Pit slave "Mask", back

    Pit slave "Mask", back

    Pit slave for yakcomp and tribemeet
  15. Yakcomp 43 "Mask" wip, back

    Yakcomp 43 "Mask" wip, back

    Base colours mostly applied
  16. Yakcomp 43 "Mask" wip

    Yakcomp 43 "Mask" wip

    Base colours mostly applied
  17. Yakcomp 43 wip side

    Yakcomp 43 wip side

    Pit slave made from fantasy bits
  18. Yakcomp 43 wip front

    Yakcomp 43 wip front

    Pit slave made from fantasy bits
  19. Yakcomp#41 part 2 wip

    Yakcomp#41 part 2 wip

    Cyber alsatian and terrain piece with some paint on.
  20. Cyber alsatian wip, yakcomp#41

    Cyber alsatian wip, yakcomp#41

    Ready for primer