1. Pit Slaves, back

    Pit Slaves, back

    That bendy straw is not a pipe!
  2. Pitslaves for yakcomp #33

    Pitslaves for yakcomp #33

    Nobb and Hobb ready for basing and primer.
  3. More squats join the gang!

    More squats join the gang!

    Juve, leader and ganger
  4. MedMos

    NCE The A2I Project log, squat Orlocks

    As some of you may have seen in the "What's on your mind"-thread, the 9yo wanted his own gang, and settled on an Orlock gang converted up from Arkanaut Company. I'm pretty excited by this project, both because he is getting into Necromunda, but also because it made an otherwise - for me -...
  5. First models of the A2I project

    First models of the A2I project

    Heavy, leader(?) and ganger with swappable weapons.
  6. Juve “Harris” (Back)

    Juve “Harris” (Back)

    I’ve reworked my Classic Goliath into a Juve. Now with added chopper.
  7. Scavvies of the McGee's

    Scavvies of the McGee's

    Flaps, Legs, Big Nose, Pinchy and Guardy McGee
  8. Stoof

    TribeSoiree 2019

    TribeSoiree was a one-day ad-hoc campaign fought between the Spyrer teams of Stoof (The Bet'Stoth-Tyran-Atro-Ryos-DeStrella Safari) and @CaptainDangerous (The Power Strangers), and the Pitslaves of @Ardavion once they decided to make a break from the monotiny of cleaning and polishing their...
  9. 5-2-HeadbuttingContest.jpg


    Game 4 - A trditional Orrus headbutting competition as per the Marquis De Deflange's M38 Treatise on Cranial Compaction. It ends with a painful sounding crunch for the red Power Stranger
  10. 5-1-AllGoneABitStabby.jpg


    Game 4 - Rapidly became very stabby. I can't even remember what the mission was.
  11. 4-1-WellThatWasQuick.jpg


    Game 3 - Hot & Run over lightning fast thanks to a B'STARD Malcadon picking up Sprint - 18" Charge anyone?
  12. 3-4-DoubleTeam.jpg


    Analysis units have officially classified this as "Code Brown" for the Power Strangers black Hive Chicken.
  13. 3-3-SneakAttack.jpg


    Some relation of the original B'STARD Yeld swoops in from the shadows to take his opposite number down.
  14. 3-2-HaveAtYee.jpg


    The Yeld holds his own against the Malcadon!
  15. 3-1-MyBarrel.jpg


    A swooping Hive Chicken tries to steal back the Malcadon's valuable barrel of suit maintenance nanobots.
  16. 2-8-Dammit.jpg


    Victory, but at what cost? DAMMIT! However, we're in the Spyre - there are literally hundreds of siblings and cousins to step into a failed hunter's freshly valeted combat suit.
  17. 2-7-AbsenceOfBody.jpg


    As B'STARD reinforcements converge, the Power Strangers decide that in a crisis absence of body is better than presence of mind.
  18. 2-6-Firefight.jpg


    A standing firefight develops between the B'STARD Orrus and the Power Strangers Yeld and Jakara
  19. 2-5-Splorch.jpg


    Down he goes!
  20. 2-4-DoubleRewenge.jpg


    Revenge! The Jakara and Malcadon from the B'STARD Safari seek venegance for their winged brethren.