1. 4-1-WellThatWasQuick.jpg


    Game 3 - Hot & Run over lightning fast thanks to a B'STARD Malcadon picking up Sprint - 18" Charge anyone?
  2. 3-4-DoubleTeam.jpg


    Analysis units have officially classified this as "Code Brown" for the Power Strangers black Hive Chicken.
  3. 3-3-SneakAttack.jpg


    Some relation of the original B'STARD Yeld swoops in from the shadows to take his opposite number down.
  4. 3-2-HaveAtYee.jpg


    The Yeld holds his own against the Malcadon!
  5. 3-1-MyBarrel.jpg


    A swooping Hive Chicken tries to steal back the Malcadon's valuable barrel of suit maintenance nanobots.
  6. 2-8-Dammit.jpg


    Victory, but at what cost? DAMMIT! However, we're in the Spyre - there are literally hundreds of siblings and cousins to step into a failed hunter's freshly valeted combat suit.
  7. 2-7-AbsenceOfBody.jpg


    As B'STARD reinforcements converge, the Power Strangers decide that in a crisis absence of body is better than presence of mind.
  8. 2-6-Firefight.jpg


    A standing firefight develops between the B'STARD Orrus and the Power Strangers Yeld and Jakara
  9. 2-5-Splorch.jpg


    Down he goes!
  10. 2-4-DoubleRewenge.jpg


    Revenge! The Jakara and Malcadon from the B'STARD Safari seek venegance for their winged brethren.
  11. 2-2-Gank.jpg

    2-2-Gank.jpg does not go well.
  12. 2-1-Yeldcharge.jpg


    Game 1 - The B'STARD Safari's brave Yeld swoops in to confront the Power Strangers' Malcadon...
  13. 1-Pestcontrol.jpg


    The playing field needed to be cleared a buit before the real fun could begin
  14. 1-CaptainCloneX.jpg


    Captain Clone X - In his prime and after some months left alone on the CSS Crumpet with an inexhaustible supply of Double Deckers
  15. Redemptionist Conversion

    Redemptionist Conversion

    Mini conversion to a 'boltgun'
  16. Redemptionist Conversion

    Redemptionist Conversion

    Mini conversion to a 'boltgun'
  17. AxeSlash

    N18 NCE -> N18 Special Characters

    So it's easy enough to convert most stats from NCE to N18: D6 stats are 6-(stat-1) 2D6 stats are 12-(stat-2) ...But obviously NCE doesn't have Cl, Wil, or Int stats. What's a good way to make those up that is acceptable to opponents? Specifically I'm looking to use Klovis The Redeemer...
  18. Resmire

    Necromunda Plain old Cawdor

    Whilst going through boxes and such looking for bits for my Orlock Spider Hunters, I came across a portion of my old Cawdor, from the days when you could get it silly cheap on ebay. I'm missing quite a few including my main gang members so gonna do a bit more searching. Just a little thread...
  19. MancInventor

    NCE Tribemeet 2019 Campaign Pack 2019-03-20

    Campaign book containing rules for Necromunda Vehicles, the Preacher hired gun and special characters Olex Quinto and Angelique D'Alessandro. Also a unique campaign framework covering a fight for survival against starvation and a whole load of background fluff. Enjoy. P.S. Please be aware...
  20. maxwellrpower

    Necromunda TribeMeet AUS 2019

    For now this is just here to gauge interest, more details will be coming soon, I promise! Basically what I want to know is do you want to come to a two day Necromunda event in March 2019 somewhere in Melbourne? If the answer is yes then please reply below and let me know! The event will be...