1. Redemptionist Conversion

    Redemptionist Conversion

    Mini conversion to a 'boltgun'
  2. AxeSlash

    N18 NCE -> N18 Special Characters

    So it's easy enough to convert most stats from NCE to N18: D6 stats are 6-(stat-1) 2D6 stats are 12-(stat-2) ...But obviously NCE doesn't have Cl, Wil, or Int stats. What's a good way to make those up that is acceptable to opponents? Specifically I'm looking to use Klovis The Redeemer...
  3. Resmire

    Necromunda Plain old Cawdor

    Whilst going through boxes and such looking for bits for my Orlock Spider Hunters, I came across a portion of my old Cawdor, from the days when you could get it silly cheap on ebay. I'm missing quite a few including my main gang members so gonna do a bit more searching. Just a little thread...
  4. MancInventor

    NCE Tribemeet 2019 Campaign Pack 2019-03-20

    Campaign book containing rules for Necromunda Vehicles, the Preacher hired gun and special characters Olex Quinto and Angelique D'Alessandro. Also a unique campaign framework covering a fight for survival against starvation and a whole load of background fluff. Enjoy. P.S. Please be aware...
  5. maxwellrpower

    Necromunda TribeMeet AUS 2019

    For now this is just here to gauge interest, more details will be coming soon, I promise! Basically what I want to know is do you want to come to a two day Necromunda event in March 2019 somewhere in Melbourne? If the answer is yes then please reply below and let me know! The event will be...
  6. Draconic

    NCE NCE/OCE Rules help please

    Hi fellow Yakkers! I would love to draw on your vast experience with the NCE/OCE ruleset for questions my playgroup has asked. Im aware some of these questions may have been asked deep in threads but my searches haven't helped so far. So if your able to weigh in, share house rules, or point me...
  7. Galtarr

    How easy is it to go N17 -> NCE w.r.t poss. Attending tribemeet

    Ok. Thinking about Tribemeet, which is NCE. Just got into Necromunda with N17. Only played N17 in both skirmish and campaign. Only models I have are N17 from base set and a few upgrades as required by campaign (i.e. +forgeworld Escher upgrades, ) So given I am very unlikely to play NCE before...
  8. ClockworkOrange

    Necromunda TribeMeet2019UK - NCE

    Teaser for the big event; No more details will be confirmed at this time. Edit, one more detail will be confirmed at this time: WE WILL BE USING NCE RULES NOT N17!!! Spafe Let the WILD speculation commence. Rest assured YOUR future is in safe hands, a super secret committee of elite nerds...
  9. Draconic

    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    Hi Yaktribe! I have been lurking on here since the recent resurgence of Necromunda and my subsequent return to the hobby after 20yrs. I thought i would post up a thread about my current Pit Slave gang project that i have been working on. I know how helpful everyone else's posts and the internet...
  10. Jaws

    NCE Tyranids in the Hive (Spyrer rewrite) 1.1

    Just a Spyrer rewrite.
  11. Graushwein

    NCE Inferno Spyrer 2.0

    Original thread, Inferno Spyrer. After some play testing I found that a faster and less armored Inferno was preferable to a slower and heavily armored one. Have you ever noticed that flamer sales skyrocket as soon as a Spyrer gang is spotted? I think it is high time that the Spyrers fight fire...
  12. Graushwein

    NCE Scavvies Gang: Sneaky Toxbombers?

    Since N17 doesn't have Scavvies or Spyrers, I'm still playing community edition. Looking at the rules, a few things jumped out at me. Only 2 credits to feed (1.5 cred average profit per guy) No shooting skill for basic units Tox bombs for anyone, that are persistent (one-use per game) #1...
  13. E

    Territories Shared Between Gangs

    This is for NCE2018 I've seen quite a few threads here with tips on how to have Territories that you can control, which are fixed, and your gang opponents can conquer them from you. Well, I like the idea that you can win and lose something more than XP, but I am not a fan of the snowballing...
  14. U

    Yet Another Recruitment Thread

    Hey Everybody! This is an open ended invite to take part in an upcoming Necromunda campaign that I’ll be running soon. We play using the “Tabletop Simulator” video game and use Discord for communication. So your actual geographic location doesn’t limit your ability to take part. It will be an...
  15. ImOutside

    NCE Charging up ladders. Blocking hatches.

    My group and I may have found a rules hole last night and I would like some help with clarification. The situation; Van Saar ganger is standing on a platform with his base partially covering the hatch above a ladder. There are 2 Escher gangers below waiting to Charge! On the Escher turn the...
  16. The Tailor

    NCE Captured gangers and leveling

    I’m trying to run a slave gang due to mine workings So I captured a juve. The guy I’m playing then gets to level up his gangers including the juve who levels twice due to it being a juve and me giving a 5+ xp rating due to gang rating. Juve levels up, rolls on stealth and gets escape artist...
  17. ImOutside

    NCE Spyrers and the Redeem Rule.

    My group were doing some theory crafting and we ran into a clash between the Redemptionist's Redeem rule for captured fighters and the Spyrer's Captured rule; specifically which rule takes precedent? Personally I prefer the rule of fun and would let the Redemptor give it a shot but I wanted to...
  18. Stubram

    Retromunda VS Neomunda

    howdy all. Looking for some opinions. This may have been covered already but couldn’t be buggered to trawl through the insanely long (though interesting) N17 convos. I’ve not bought into to N17 yet as a) I just want the rules (got models and terrain), and b) it feels a little unfinished...
  19. chilipepa

    N18 Another underhive ganger thread

    Hello, fellow hobbyists! I am new to Necromunda and got into it around a year ago, when I heard the first rumours about Necromunda being ressurected. Then came SWA, I read through the rules and actually enjoyed some of it (which was odd at the time because I was utterly dissapointed in GW new...
  20. p0dde

    NCE Gang Rating: Credits and Stash

    I have been thinking about the rules for Gang Rating, and namely how your stash (equipment and credits) do not count towards your gang rating. I thought it would be interesting to hear the what you all thought about this rule. Personally i see a complicated set of pros and cons. I am tempted to...