1. SkaryMonk

    Multiple head wounds

    So, last game my leader got shot and landed on his keys, resulting in, among other things, two head wounds. This means that before each game (as soon as the infections clear up), I'll have to roll two dice to see if he's stupid or frenzied. I thought that was pretty terrible because it doubled...
  2. p0dde

    Ransom Deals and Payment [NCE]

    Just looking over the Captured Fighters ransom deal rules , and needed som clarification on what kind of deals you can make. "There is no fixed value for ransoms, it's up to the players to negotiate deals on captives, their gear and how they are paid for." - NCE. p. 84 This quote is marked in...
  3. p0dde

    Timing in Post- and Pre-game [NCE]

    Together with @SkaryMonk I have made a list covering the timing of pre- and post-game events in NCE and OCE . A lot of actions occur during the post- and pre-game and usually the rules are not too specific as to when exactly they occur...
  4. SkaryMonk

    Who's got the drugs?

    By drugs, I am referring to Kalma, 'Slaught, Spook and Spur as written in the OCE. Are these kept in the gang's stash and handed out before the game like Blade Venom? Or are they carried by a specific fighter (and thus added to the Gang Rating)? Since it's usually specified if things are kept...
  5. p0dde

    Bionic Leg (NCE ) 'quick question'

    Just a quick one here on Bionic Legs. NCE p. 50 writes: "A fighter implanted with a bionic leg gains +1 to his Attacks characteristic in hand-to-hand combat" Are there any cases in the game where the Attacks characteristic is used out side og H2H? I can't think of one. My reading of this...
  6. p0dde

    Leaping in a Blind Fight [NCE]

    I am trying to wrap my head around how leaping should work in a blind fight. I just played a game with my Cawdor gang against Goliaths in a Blind Fight, and i decided not to use Leap because i seemed like a bad thing to do in complete and total darkness! But looking at the wording I wondered...
  7. p0dde

    Special rules for the six main gangs

    From the first time i tried Necromunda, back in the 90'ies, to this day, when I introduce new players to the game, the first thing that they comment on, is how similar the six main gangs are. When you play it more and get into it, you adjust your perspective, and start to see how the skill...
  8. p0dde

    Drum Magazine, Ammunition?

    Does Drum Magazine count as ammunition? Drum Magazine is not part of the original rules. And is right now found on NCE p. 56 where alle the "new" additions are. In the price chart on NCE p. 99 Drum Magazine is found under Miscelleanus, and it is under the '21-23 Ammo' section of Rare Trades...
  9. M

    First list in over 10 years, please critique (Genecult)

    Hi Guys, I'm just getting back into Necromunda using the community rules (which look great) & I'm planning to use my Genecult minis from Deathwatch Killteam. So I've pulled together a list using Hunger's supliment (again, looks great), I'd appreciate some positive criticism on this list, thanks...
  10. H

    Squats counts as... something?

    Hey Yaktribe, this is my first time posting here! My local gaming group in Sydney is about to have a Necromunda campaign (using your wonderful community ruleset), and in anticipation, I have just ordered in some mantic games Bokkr miniatures to do a squats 'counts as' gang. The minis are a...
  11. C

    Weapon cost discrepancies (NCE)

    Looking through the house weapon lists, it seems as though several gangs have different costs for certain weapons. For example, House Goliath can buy Autopistols for 10 credits and Stub Guns for 15, while the costs are reversed for most gangs. Is this intentional? If not, should we just use the...
  12. TakUnderhand

    NCE Wyrd Cryomancer V3

    Part of my Comp 11 entry: the Wyrd Cryomancer Due to getting the competition in, these rules have not been play tested. At all. Expect amendments the moment I manage to get a game in!
  13. X

    Some Questions From A Returning Player (NCE Delaque)

    Hey guys, I haven't played Necromunda for quite a few years and I was looking for a little advice. I'm starting a Delaque gang and was wondering if I could get some feedback/recommendations on my starting roster. I haven't given them names yet, I just quickly knocked together the sheet to get...
  14. piromanwwr

    New Old Battle Wound

    Hello, I had some discussion with @Tomcaet about OBW. We have a little idea to change its current rules. Why? Because in its actual state it hurts a lot, especially in mid-late gangs (It can put OOA half of your rating or even more). Currently there is no countermeasures for it (Ok, there is a...
  15. Fold

    NCE Squat Mining Gangs In Necromunda 1.0

    Based loosely on the original "Hi Ho Squat Mining Gangs" article from Games Workshop, but with the worst excesses of that ruleset toned down. The Squat Mining Gang is a relatively elite gang (basic gangers cost 60 creds) and a slow moving but implacable foe; every model has M3, but with Nerves...
  16. stealthvulture

    NCE Mechanicus Explorators Gang v.1.8.1

    With the arrival of the new Skitari and Cult Mechanicus models, its prime time the cog boys get some rules on paper! Inside you'll find rules for playing Mechanicus Explorators, a team of knowledge-hungry technophiles on the hunt for rare and highly coveted Archeotech. Led by a minor priest of...
  17. capitan

    NCE Yaktribe Necromonicon v1.0

    Here it is folks, the full V1.0 of the publication formerly known as the Yaktribe Sourcebook – Introducing the Necromonicon. This isn't the end though – it's still an ongoing project so as always, please feel free to submit any other ideas, works, tutorials, claim your photo credits or request...
  18. Kon-rad

    NCE Quick and Dirty Rules for Xenos Gangs v3 v3

    Edited from v2. I changed a few points costs, and generally tidied up the layout and writing for clarity. The Eldar jokes are still there.
  19. Shadowbadger

    NCE Grymn (Space Dwarves) 0.3

    Draft house rules for Space Dwarves. The models I intend to use are Hasslefree Grymn which will also need slightly elevated scenic bases to make them a tad taller. I have an extended, partially reviewed copy to add after discussion with friends. Once this is approved.
  20. grimwork

    NCE Space Marines Version 1.1

    >> SPACE MARINES IN THE UNDERHIVE << Confrontation by Les Edwards, 1983. Inspired by Les Edwards' great artwork (and because I couldn't find some adequate rules) I have written my own rules for Space Marines in the Underhive. Beginning with the Underhive Bestiary in the Outlanders Rulebook I...