1. jimjimjimmyjim

    NCE Enforcer squad [take 3] 2014-04-03

    I took the enforcers squad Anthony case had originally revised from the Jervis Johnson rules. though these appeared to be more for the LRB, I have since updated and adjusted them for use with the NCE. I have made several things a little weaker, but also provided more options to the gang, with...
  2. jimjimjimmyjim

    NCE Chaos Cultists [take 3] Chaos Cultists Gang [4]

    I have changed the list after play testing more extensively. im much happier with the final edition. much more balance is in the roster now spawn are much easier to be received but are mainly a balance to prevent too many gangers from achieving T6+ models too easierly.
  3. jimjimjimmyjim

    NCE Simplified vehicle rules version 3 SVRs [4]

    so this is the most up to date rules I have of the SVR's I am still play testing but cant think what else needs to be added as yet. enjoy :]
  4. Jaws

    NCE Jaw's Enforcers 3.6

    NECROMUNDA ENFORCERS Justice in the Underhive By Jim A. Westby, Based on rules by Robert J. Reiner, Jervis Johnson and Andy Chambers and the Unknown Warriors by Michael Duxbury In the Underhive of Necromunda there is one force whose word is law. They are the Enforcers, and it is their...
  5. Gorkamunda

    NCE Orks in da 'Ive 1.02

    These rules are the result of more than 20 forum pages on the yakromunda/yaktribe community forum, with a large number of individuals contributing. They will allow you to play your favourite green-skinned Xenos race in Necromunda campaigns. If you wish to comment or make suggestions, please...
  6. Tiny

    NCE Necromunda Community Edition Rulebook 2019

    The NCE is a fan update to the official Necromunda rules with three main aims. To better balance the weapons and skills alongside minor tweaks to improve general gameplay. To clarify ambiguities and patch up rule holes. And finally to introduce select new equipment and scenarios that conform...