1. Martini Henrie

    N18 Delaque advice, possibly going Psychic

    Hi folks, I want to create a balanced gang that can compete in a fairly competant group of players. I've used VS, Squats and currently Esher, and fancy something a bit different. Is it possible to have a worthwhile gang with threat from shooting, CC and Wyrd? I've got a gang box and the...
  2. Metalhead.jpg


    A Metalhead to go with the turtle themed Van Saar
  3. IMG_2211.jpg


  4. IMG_2211 (3).jpg

    IMG_2211 (3).jpg

  5. Ash Waste Nomads: Conflict

    Ash Waste Nomads: Conflict

  6. N

    The terrain train has no brakes

    Still building all my elements for my Underhive build and thought I’d share my take on a terrain train. Inspired by Leonard Dime’s train build.
  7. Cold Traider and Bosun

    Cold Traider and Bosun

  8. Group photo

    Group photo

  9. Champ with long las and voidborn

    Champ with long las and voidborn

  10. Scum girls

    Scum girls

  11. Voidborn and lizard scum

    Voidborn and lizard scum

  12. Two scums

    Two scums

  13. DC_DeCrypt

    DC_Decrypt’s Hobby Bits

    Hi folks! Figured it was high time to try this hobby log thing as i get stuff done. This week’s efforts will be in prep for an upcoming local campaign plus yakmeet. Today competes my second wrecker for the starting gang. More pics on my insta.
  14. xSbD2P1e43s.jpg


  15. qAxUfHFz0JA.jpg


  16. f5-_M0Dtt5c.jpg


  17. 7NiltjnvkYg.jpg


  18. Decibels of belakor

    Decibels of belakor

  19. Tiny Tina.png

    Tiny Tina.png

  20. D

    Question Equipment option not showing on custom gangers

    Hello, I am trying to add a custom gang faction (Adeptus Mechanicus) to my campaign. I was running through gang creation with the player of the custom gang and found we couldn't access any equipment for the danger. This includes custom equipment, weapons, and equipment officially in the game...