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    ©GW Palanite Enforcers
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    GW Palanite
  3. Pestilence


  4. Suchi


  5. Erin


  6. Anya


  7. A

    Vimes head and Female Orlock

    Does anyone have any ideas where I could get a suitable head to make an enforcer version of Samuel Vimes from Discworld? Also does anyone have any recommendations for converting female orlocks?
  8. Van Saar prospects

    Van Saar prospects

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    Van Saar prospects
  10. Air Guilder_WIP.jpg

    Air Guilder_WIP.jpg

    Mercator Temperium (WIP)
  11. Omega 13.jpg

    Omega 13.jpg

    Omega 13
  12. L

    N18 Meat Price!

    Hello everyone we are playing Dark Uprising, can anyone tell me if the meat is available at the marketplace and at what price? Thank you
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    Necromunda Chaos Helot Gang
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    243668849_10159100807635399_8629354556082639128_n_10159100807625399 - Copy.jpg

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  17. Serpent Syndicate

    Serpent Syndicate

    Serpent syndicate first 5 models
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    The Things from Below - using Deadzone Veer-Myn by Manticgames as a Genestealer infected house gang.
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    N18 I Created an AI for playing Necromunda/Skirmish Games Solo. The Abominable Intelligence! CC Needed.

    Hello scummers! Skirmish games are fun, but COVID and general laziness are powerful opponents. I've played board/skirmish games before that include some type of solo mode used with behavior tables. This is an attempt to create this kind of solo gameplay experience for Necromunda, as a full-on...
  20. Race to not be the last one...

    Race to not be the last one...

    With Cawdor having escaped the Pit that left the last remaining fighters from the Escher, Venator and Ogryn gangs to attempt one last dash to freedom before they were all crushed to death by the compacters. After a difficult climb and a bullet wounding her, the Escher girl made it out of the Pit.