necromunda 2017

  1. Edster prototype Necromunda Board Tiles

    Edster prototype Necromunda Board Tiles

    a prototype for a range of Necromunda board tiles
  2. SWMG_IMG_1572.jpeg


    Shadow Wizard Money Gang
  3. 20210826_145934.jpg


    still spinning
  4. 20210826_145939.jpg


    spin around
  5. 20210826_145944.jpg


    Gozen in flamed
  6. 20211206_134347.jpg


    more crazyness
  7. 20211206_134352.jpg


    more detail
  8. 20211206_134357.jpg


    my boys 'zerker
  9. 20211206_144949.jpg


    the tenticles are out to get you
  10. 20211206_144909.jpg


    looking creepy
  11. 20211206_144917.jpg


    so very mad
  12. 20211206_145013.jpg


    went mad with the painint
  13. L

    Necromunda Printing full color preview Gang Cards

    When printing Gang Cards from the Necromunda Underhive Gangs, it gives a full color preview. But when it goes to print, it converts the same cards into a mostly black & white card. You can see what I mean on imgur here: Is there anything I can do to print the full color versions of the card? I...
  14. 20220929_062812.jpg


    The Sumptown Pumpkinheads
  15. U

    N18 Hotshot Long Las

    i was suprised to find that the long las was the only las weapon excluded from using a hotshot laspack, in most games id shrug and continue on but necromunda is more narrative and loose with the rules so i figured id ask the community what they think...
  16. MyLonelyDeer

    N17 [MAP] Western Hemisphere of Necromunda 2022-08-16

    Aleksey Kazmin has restored the map from Necromunda - Ash Wastes in high-res for printing.
  17. I

    N17 Necromunda Vehicle Rules Reference 2022-05-26

    This is a summary of the vehicle rules added in Ash Wastes, I wanted to get all of them in a more searchable, easier to read format. Everything is summarized so let me know if I got anything wrong, I will update the document.
  18. Petitioner's City

    N17 N/A 1.0

    Please delete!
  19. Rigormortis

    N18 Melee Blaze Question

    I have a question about blaze in melee combat. The last thread to ask this was a year old with no replies so thought I'd ask to try and clear this up. So, a Redemptionist with a pyromantic mantle (gives melee weapons blaze) charges an enemy. He successfully hits, rolls for blaze, and the...
  20. Rigormortis

    N18 Custom Scenario, Outbound Signal

    I had a custom scenario idea that think sounds kinda fun. All constructive criticsms and suggestions for balancing tweaks are welcome. Outbound Signal A gang has come into possession of a sensitive and valuable data package. Sending the data to their House will increase their standing and be...