necromunda 2017

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    Mentol Mentals Van Saar gang
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    N18 Violent-Minded Tactics card question.

    Violent-Minded This turn, the fighter can make an additional action (usually three rather than two), as long as at least one of their actions is Shoot or Fight. Could you use this tactics to move than charge, using the charges free fight action to fulfill the must (fight) aspect of the card.
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    N18 Chaos Cultists - Starting Gang looking for Feedback

    Hi all, the Dark Uprising is uppon us - our hobby group is preparing for a Dark Uprising Campaign therefore I want to run a Helot Cultist Gang (Slaanesh Gang). After some experementing with some ideas I come up with that list [Helot Gang] 8 Gangers 2 Familars The Battleplan is: Bring the Long...
  4. Samarian City Hooligans.jpg

    Samarian City Hooligans.jpg

    Jack Spudder, Smokey Six-Fingers, Reptar, Boomboi, and Shredder
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  6. Chain Lord WiP

    Chain Lord WiP

  7. Shackleman (side) WiP

    Shackleman (side) WiP

  8. Pit Fighters WiP

    Pit Fighters WiP

  9. Chain Lord (rear) WiP

    Chain Lord (rear) WiP

  10. Shackleman WiP

    Shackleman WiP

  11. Necromunda Van Saar - s-l1600.jpg

    Necromunda Van Saar - s-l1600.jpg

    stock image of my new gang paint scheme
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    Pantera Pixies
  13. 20190425_132419.jpg


    Pantera Pixies
  14. Regan Varl

    Regan Varl

  15. Sam Flo

    Sam Flo

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    N18 How do i use custom skills on the yak tribe site

    thread title^ i have a bunch of custom skills and equipment made for a campaign for me and my friends and the equipment i can give to my guys but not the new skills or advancements. how do i add them to gangs using the site? can i?
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    Work in Progress: Painting Barik Carter
  19. Chevwippaint.jpg


    Work in Progress: Painting Veran Chev
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    N18 Opinions on Xeno weapons

    Hi in my campaign, we're are playing with rackets. I had drawn the cold trade and the res game. The cold trade lets me pick a free xeno weapon, so of course i'm going to use it. I'm a bit stuck with what to get. I was thinking of putting a kroot rifle on my leader (btw i play Cawdor). But I...