necromunda 2017

  1. N

    Bug Reclaimed Autopistol - short range stat

    When adding a Reclaimed Autopistol to a Cawdor ganger, the resulting gang card shows the short range as 4". According to GW4, this weapon should have 3" as the short range stat. If this changed in the combined rules (which I don't have yet), please disregard. Thanks!
  2. Painted wall test

    Painted wall test

  3. Thorgor

    New from GAMA Trade Show

    Some news has been unveiled for Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Kill Team: For Necromunda, nothing major yet. But a brand new Kal Jericho miniature is coming: For Blood Bowl, everyone's favorite joke team will be next: (I really like those sculpts. Miniature-wise, I think it's my favorite of the...
  4. Oddsox

    N18 Chaaaarge!

    OK guys, A situation came up on a recent game of mine. Goliath A goes in to charge Van Saar A. Stood within 1 inch of Van Saar A is Van Saar B. According to the 1" rule, Goliath A can pass within 1 inch of any fighter as long as he ends up in base contact with somebody at the end of a charge...
  5. Stoof

    N18 Compendium YAQ (N18)

    Welcome to the YakTribe Community FAQ Discussion thread for the N17 Compendium (or N18 if you prefer). Our aim here is to weigh in on - as a community - persistent issues which have been either ignored by the Compendium release, confused further by it, or are generally accepted to be mistakes...
  6. Lord_Kulgar

    Escher Gang - new/ sealed! Also have NEW Goliath gang up too!
  7. GoDsGiMp

    N17 Delving into the Underhive

    In August 2018 I decided to get involved in playing Necromunda after being persuaded by friends who have been playing for years & years. Before that point I had never played any table-top game. Never built a mini. Never built terrain. Never painted a mini, or used green stuff, or plastic glue...
  8. The Steel Brotherhood - Goliath Gang for Necromunda

    The Steel Brotherhood - Goliath Gang for Necromunda

  9. makinote

    N17 Can a fresh Van Saar ganger recruit equip armour?

    Hi there So the question is, can a newly recruited Van Saar ganger be equipped with Flak or Mesh armour? See this for reference Thx :)
  10. M

    Maps Needed

    Dear All Yak Users I'm running a dominion campaign and for the narrative i would really like to get a map going my Photoshop skills are very badly lacking. The only one I've found is the creator did say free for use which is great of him but we got completely different territories I was...
  11. ClanBuckCANS

    Blood burned memories. A short story of the 105th

    Ten years. It didn't seem like that long ago to Sergeant Major Eva D’vidsin. The memory of being deployed on Armageddon, as a grunt was still fresh in her nightmares. Watching helplessly as the poorly trained, and completely unprepared newbies faced the oncoming mass of frenzied orks. Even...
  12. Ozzy "the Madman"

    Ozzy "the Madman"

  13. "Grim" James

    "Grim" James

  14. D

    N17 Battle Report - Dominion Campaign 1.0

    This is indended to be printed out and kept at hand when going out to play a game for our ongoing Dominion campaign. I figured out it might help others, too! Sources available for anyone interested. Feedback welcome: this is a first draft that will probably need to be refined. Later might...
  15. W

    N17 Grenade Launcher Firing onto Platform

    Hi If a miniature is on the ground (3d) using a Grenade Launcher can he attack an enemy on a platform in front on him. From RAW I can't see this is possible as the Attacker using the Grenade Launcher would not be able to target a point on the platform and this is not is direct line of sight...
  16. T

    N17 The Queens of Pain. An Escher Gang list. C&C Welcome

    I've never played any version of Necromunda, but I recently managed to get a great deal on both the Goliath and Escher sprues from the boxed game. The list builder on here is really useful, and I've built an Escher list with the intention of using it as a guide for how I'm going to build the...
  17. S

    N17 Turf count: effect of less than 1 Turf?

    Hi all, So, in a campaign if I have 1 Turf, and lose 1 turf (e.g. lose a ‘Sabotage’ game as the defender), RAW, Turf has no minimum value (p18 Gang War 1), so can fall to zero... or in theory less than. (P26, Gang War 1) suggests a minimum Turf value of 1, but assuming this only applies...
  18. WeebLoser

    Necromunda Getting Other People Into Necromunda

    Me and my friends play Warhammer 40k and HoR: Kill Team frequently, and they really like the 8th edition system. I want to get my friends into classic Necromunda or even N17, but they never spend money on their own miniatures, and I'm also worries they'll be confused by the old system. Any tips...
  19. Rusty101

    Rusty's new hive

    Some may remember I had a full blog here a while ago, but after photobucket kicked the bucket I lost a ton of photos so Rusty's Hive is dead. I've jumped back in with the new N17 and I picked up some Van Saar yesterday. Here is the start to my first new gang in 3 years. Did one tester model...
  20. Martini Henrie

    Necromunda Martini Henries' Van Saar thread

    Early WiP pics of my Van Saar gang, the Boosh hunters of the Mighty Crunch. Base colour is pearl green, with brass tones on the armor and weapons. Still a lot of work to be done, flesh hasn't even been started and not to mention highlights before weathering can even be considered. Comments...