necromunda 2017

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    The Sumptown Pumpkinheads
  2. U

    N18 Hotshot Long Las

    i was suprised to find that the long las was the only las weapon excluded from using a hotshot laspack, in most games id shrug and continue on but necromunda is more narrative and loose with the rules so i figured id ask the community what they think...
  3. MyLonelyDeer

    N17 [MAP] Western Hemisphere of Necromunda 2022-08-16

    Aleksey Kazmin has restored the map from Necromunda - Ash Wastes in high-res for printing.
  4. I

    N17 Necromunda Vehicle Rules Reference 2022-05-26

    This is a summary of the vehicle rules added in Ash Wastes, I wanted to get all of them in a more searchable, easier to read format. Everything is summarized so let me know if I got anything wrong, I will update the document.
  5. Petitioner's City

    N17 N/A 1.0

    Please delete!
  6. Rigormortis

    N18 Melee Blaze Question

    I have a question about blaze in melee combat. The last thread to ask this was a year old with no replies so thought I'd ask to try and clear this up. So, a Redemptionist with a pyromantic mantle (gives melee weapons blaze) charges an enemy. He successfully hits, rolls for blaze, and the...
  7. Rigormortis

    N18 Custom Scenario, Outbound Signal

    I had a custom scenario idea that think sounds kinda fun. All constructive criticsms and suggestions for balancing tweaks are welcome. Outbound Signal A gang has come into possession of a sensitive and valuable data package. Sending the data to their House will increase their standing and be...
  8. Feature - Myles.jpg

    Feature - Myles.jpg

    Myles LIttle - The the goodest, baddest and ugliest Bounty Hunter out there.
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    My homemade zone mortalis walls using installation foam and sprues ! More work on Instagram as @canoptick_studios.
  10. Pit Fighter Ogryn 3

    Pit Fighter Ogryn 3

    A selection of poses/parts that comes with the pit fighter Ogryn STL.
  11. Pit Fighter Ogryn 2

    Pit Fighter Ogryn 2

    A selection of poses/parts that comes with the pit fighter Ogryn STL.
  12. Pit Fighter Ogryn 1

    Pit Fighter Ogryn 1

    A selection of poses/parts that comes with the pit fighter Ogryn STL.
  13. The Gardener Promo Image

    The Gardener Promo Image

    Gardener - House Bharteth - Dramatis Personae - Ogryn Pit Fighter / Bounty Hunter
  14. Bharteth Christmas.png

    Bharteth Christmas.png

    A Very Bharteth Christmas!
  15. Lillithiea

    N17 Necromunda Campaign Workbook (beta) 1.0

    This workbook is designed to help players keep track of their gang's progress when playing campaigns. There are three sections to this workbook: Character Sheets, Territory sheets, and Game sheets. The Character sheets are designed for gangers who have a lot of stuff and goings on. Did your...
  16. Enforcer Medical Specialist

    Enforcer Medical Specialist

    3 Month Sub Loyalty Reward
  17. December 2021 Release

    December 2021 Release

    Moonface STL Cloaked Stranger STL Red Pilgrim Collaboration STL
  18. November 2021 Release

    November 2021 Release

    Terry "Two-Steps" STL Knight Bounty Hunter/Bodyguard STL TPK Labs Collab STL
  19. October 2021 Release

    October 2021 Release

    Limping Larry STL Captured "Goliath" STL Across the Realms Collab STL
  20. House of Strife Book Page 6

    House of Strife Book Page 6

    Intro part 3