necromunda 2017

  1. Necromunda Van Saar - s-l1600.jpg

    Necromunda Van Saar - s-l1600.jpg

    stock image of my new gang paint scheme
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    Pantera Pixies
  3. 20190425_132419.jpg


    Pantera Pixies
  4. Regan Varl

    Regan Varl

  5. Sam Flo

    Sam Flo

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  7. B

    N18 How do i use custom skills on the yak tribe site

    thread title^ i have a bunch of custom skills and equipment made for a campaign for me and my friends and the equipment i can give to my guys but not the new skills or advancements. how do i add them to gangs using the site? can i?
  8. Carterwippaint.jpg


    Work in Progress: Painting Barik Carter
  9. Chevwippaint.jpg


    Work in Progress: Painting Veran Chev
  10. S

    N18 Opinions on Xeno weapons

    Hi in my campaign, we're are playing with rackets. I had drawn the cold trade and the res game. The cold trade lets me pick a free xeno weapon, so of course i'm going to use it. I'm a bit stuck with what to get. I was thinking of putting a kroot rifle on my leader (btw i play Cawdor). But I...
  11. The Mirror of Glory

    The Mirror of Glory

    The Founding members of the Mirror of Glory
  12. Samson.jpg


  13. Janton, Marco.jpg

    Janton, Marco.jpg

  14. Cassarux, Karrington.jpg

    Cassarux, Karrington.jpg

    Combat shotguner with Bionic arm
  15. N

    Bug Reclaimed Autopistol - short range stat

    When adding a Reclaimed Autopistol to a Cawdor ganger, the resulting gang card shows the short range as 4". According to GW4, this weapon should have 3" as the short range stat. If this changed in the combined rules (which I don't have yet), please disregard. Thanks!
  16. Painted wall test

    Painted wall test

  17. Thorgor

    New from GAMA Trade Show

    Some news has been unveiled for Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Kill Team: For Necromunda, nothing major yet. But a brand new Kal Jericho miniature is coming: For Blood Bowl, everyone's favorite joke team will be next: (I really like those sculpts. Miniature-wise, I think it's my favorite of the...
  18. Oddsox

    N18 Chaaaarge!

    OK guys, A situation came up on a recent game of mine. Goliath A goes in to charge Van Saar A. Stood within 1 inch of Van Saar A is Van Saar B. According to the 1" rule, Goliath A can pass within 1 inch of any fighter as long as he ends up in base contact with somebody at the end of a charge...
  19. Stoof

    N18 Compendium YAQ (N18)

    Welcome to the YakTribe Community FAQ Discussion thread for the N17 Compendium (or N18 if you prefer). Our aim here is to weigh in on - as a community - persistent issues which have been either ignored by the Compendium release, confused further by it, or are generally accepted to be mistakes...
  20. Lord_Kulgar

    Escher Gang - new/ sealed! Also have NEW Goliath gang up too!