1. kacpk_k01

    N17 Law and Misrule Campaign editable map 2022-07-26

    Law and Misrule Campaign editable map as a A3 word file, based on old Vogen map and made into Necromunda one
  2. kacpk_k01

    N17 Dominion / Dark Uprising Campaign editable map 2022-07-26

    Dominion Campaign editable map as a A3 word file, based on old Vogen map and made into Necromunda one
  3. kacpk_k01

    N17 Tactics and Fighter Card Generators 2022-07-25

    Link to my subfolder with templates for all Tactic, Vehicle and Fighter cards which looks identical to orginals, and also full excell sheet with text for all the cards upt to Book of the Outlands
  4. kacpk_k01

    N17 Map of Bone Harbour settlement 2022-07-25

    Map by Carl Johnston (IN: carl_r_johnston), commissioned for me, for the Bone Harbour - frontier settlement at the end of the Sump Sea, featuring in my and Alexander Lunde fanmade supplement - Book of the Sump.
  5. kacpk_k01

    N17 Book of Sump 2022-07-25

    Book of the Sump, mine and Alexander Lunde fanmade supplement, with artworks of Carl Johnston and many other contributors in the photo chapter, here are some of it’s contents: Summary of lore connected to the Sump City and the Sump Seas of Necromunda (including Sump City Radio 😊) Photo chapter...
  6. kacpk_k01

    N17 Ash Wastes Map Master 2022-07-25

    Ash Wastes Map Master File - slightly edited map from the AW Rulebook, and made into A3 Word Document, so it can be used for playing campaing while looking good at the same time. Background is uneditable, but rest you can change however you like including icons
  7. kacpk_k01

    N17 Arbitrator Compendium 2022-07-25

    Arbitrator Compendium (thanks to Carl (IN: @carl_r_johnston)) for letting me using your artworks). It is bassically index of gaming materials for Necromunda. Old and new Arbitrators will be able to find what is where, or just an inspiration for future campaigns. Link to resource folder with pdf...
  8. 20191118_095627.jpg


    My homemade zone mortalis walls using installation foam and sprues ! More work on Instagram as @canoptick_studios. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=wfpz0j1qzbbe&utm_content=kesz9cf
  9. 20191120_133255.jpg


    Homemade zone mortalis using insulation foam and sprues! Complete with lights ! (Balloon lights from amazon)
  10. X

    Like Necromunda and Warhammer old world? Try Mordheimunda!

    Sometimes when we're between Necromunda campaigns our hobby group likes to play a blend of Necromunda and Warhammer fantasy... Here is a link to the site where we keep the rulesset You can download the rules as a PDF and if you like it, please contact the author and say hi....He's the guy...
  11. 9EB86B09-7FC8-4438-8ECA-5CFCB7B29E97.jpeg


    Redemptionist brethren
  12. IMG_6425.JPG


    Kitbashed blunderbuss, this was a frostgrave crossbow mixed with a kroot gun. the ram rod is a sewing pin. The hammer is a bit of metal.
  13. IMG_6424.JPG


    Scavvy shotgun made from an old plastic orlock and GW zombie
  14. IMG_6423.JPG


    Autopistol and scratchmade club. Head is from Hobbit goblins, legs are skaven. The arms and torso are GW zombie.
  15. IMG_6422.JPG


    An autopistol and improvised club scavvy. Head is victrix vikings. Body is GW goblins. legs are LOTR orc.
  16. IMG_20210729_173924.jpg


    Bigby Crump, ratling slopper
  17. IMG_20210729_173614.jpg


    Civillian. Bar patron
  18. IMG_20210727_111242_861.jpg


    Ready to hunt
  19. IMG_20210727_111245_041.jpg


    My "Baddiez"
  20. IMG_20210726_160529.jpg


    Mad dog Mono