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  1. A

    N18 Smoke grenade goes off?

    What happens if I throw a smoke grenade somewhere and fail to hit? Does it just not go off? Am I missing some rule somewhere? Purchased the rules today be kind:) My flawed logic is... rules for krak grenade if it roll to hit misses nothing happens. Same would apply to smoke grenade. It...
  2. Stoof

    N18 Compendium YAQ (N18)

    Welcome to the YakTribe Community FAQ Discussion thread for the N17 Compendium (or N18 if you prefer). Our aim here is to weigh in on - as a community - persistent issues which have been either ignored by the Compendium release, confused further by it, or are generally accepted to be mistakes...
  3. Malo

    Necromunda New Necromunda naming

    Since the new Necromunda is confirmed and imminent (November), there comes the question of what we will call it. How do we distinguish it from previous version(s) aside from the "new" Necromunda? It will have it's own forum section, it's own tools, vault category and other such places on...