necromunda squats

  1. L

    N18 Squats- Stubborn to the Last question

    H,i new to Necromunda and have been playing a campaign as IH Squats. I have recently added the skill Stubborn to the Last to a champ and have had some conflicting issues with the Rules of it. It states that when a fighter is taken out of action, before being removed from the table they may...
  2. SirWalterManny

    N18 Squat Prospectors

    Not yet played with, or against, Squat Prospectors. Gang idea is as below. Comments welcome; not looking for ‘best build’, just more alternative ideas; doesn’t seem a huge amount of scope for variety at start-out if want to not have less than 8 fighters. Also havent played (with) a lot of 4”...
  3. GrimProspects1


    Grim Prospects, mid-campaign with the Canterbury Crusade
  4. R

    N18 Squats: 1000 credit starting list, feedback appreciated 👍

    Leader: 210 creds Ironhead autopistol Power fist Mesh armour Skill: Overseer Champion 1: 275 creds Ironhead heavy stubber Photo-goggles Mesh armour Skill: bulging biceps Champion 2: 135 creds Ironhead autopistol Smoke grenade Mesh armour Skill: Dependable like kin Specialist: 100 creds...
  5. Hi ho squats

    Hi ho squats

    Necromunda squats! 5 of them.