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  1. SirWalterManny

    N18 Gang Tactics Cards in 2017 Underhive Boxed Set

    Hi all, Can find lists of all tactics cards, but I'm specifically trying to just a list of how many tactics cards came with the original 2017 boxed set, and the names; I think there were 20 generic ones, of which I think several (but not all) were duplicates (+4 Escher and 4 Goliath specific...
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  3. R

    N18 First Time Necromunda Player Assist w/ List

    I’ll post the House Cawdor gang I’ve started working on below. Let me know if I’m missing out on anything like flak armor on everyone or something like that.
  4. L

    N18 Do more people play classic Necromunda or Necromunda Underhive?

    I want to know which to learn so that I could play with more people.
  5. F

    N18 looking for proxy ideas for hanger ons, hive scum, cannibals and hive dwellers in Necromunda Underhive.

    Hello everyone, as the title suggests i'm looking for a fairly diverse selection of proxies to represent non gang related miniatures that often crop up in various Scenarios in Necromunda underhive. These mostly include hanger ons and scenario specific minis such as underhivers, cannibals, and...
  6. I

    Help with terrain

    Hi, I'm trying to get started with necromunda underhive, but am really put off by the super expensive terrain. I actually like the 2d necromunda tiles from the first underhive starter set better than the new terrain (heresy I know), but it's going for crazy scalper prices on eBay. What should I do?
  7. Cult


    Work in Progress
  8. Zone Mortalis tiles

    Zone Mortalis tiles

    A quick reference sheet for all Necromunda: Underhive and Badzone Delta-7 cardboard tiles
  9. SirWalterManny

    Turf count: effect of less than 1 Turf?

    Hi all, So, in a campaign if I have 1 Turf, and lose 1 turf (e.g. lose a ‘Sabotage’ game as the defender), RAW, Turf has no minimum value (p18 Gang War 1), so can fall to zero... or in theory less than. (P26, Gang War 1) suggests a minimum Turf value of 1, but assuming this only applies...
  10. Malo

    Necromunda New Necromunda naming

    Since the new Necromunda is confirmed and imminent (November), there comes the question of what we will call it. How do we distinguish it from previous version(s) aside from the "new" Necromunda? It will have it's own forum section, it's own tools, vault category and other such places on...