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  2. WIN_20210731_19_01_00_Pro (2).jpg

    WIN_20210731_19_01_00_Pro (2).jpg

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    Cold Trader Smuggler Shore Party
  4. M

    N18 REST IN PEACE - unofficial catch up scenario for your underdog players

    Almost final version of our homebrewed Catch-Up scenario for your underdog player. GW-style-format. Playtested a couple of times. Feel free to to point out you find any typos or have any suggestions. Download:
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  7. Clearly he did not believe hard enough.

    Clearly he did not believe hard enough.

    As his feet left the top of the reclaimed water tank into empty space, time seemed to slow down. Seconds stretched into minutes in a blink off an eye before reality smashed its ugly head in and that sense of stillness was replaced by one of a sickening falling...
  8. I believe I can fly...

    I believe I can fly...

    With the number of possible escape routes cut off, this venator attempts to jump to freedom.
  9. Hang in there, Kitty!

    Hang in there, Kitty!

    One of the Escher gang's felines finds itself suspended upside down through a gap in the grating after a surprise hivequake.
  10. View from the top

    View from the top

    The Cawdor gang flees the pit like rats abandoning a sinking ship in the Sump.
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    Chaos Helots Necromunda Boss, Witch and Familiars
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    Star's Child - KISS
  14. E

    Propaganda Posters

    Hello. Its almost impossible to buy transfers for original posters. Many of our club players would like to got them and I made these templates. What do you think? Can I upload a HQ template here?
  15. YakTribe

    Necromunda Fire Made Flesh 2021-06-06

    A Necromunda audio Dark secrets lurk in the Fallen Dome of Periculus, and Tempes Sol of the Guild of Light seeks them out to cement his place in the underhive – if he, and Hive Primus itself, can survive what he unleashes. LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE Venture into the darkest reaches of the underhive...
  16. Hi ho squats

    Hi ho squats

    Necromunda squats! 5 of them.
  17. L

    N18 Do more people play classic Necromunda or Necromunda Underhive?

    I want to know which to learn so that I could play with more people.
  18. Flip mat

    Flip mat

    One side of the map that came with the 8th edition First Strike kit. Both sides look about right for Necromunda.
  19. Scout snipers

    Scout snipers

    Space marine scouts with sniper rifle, except for the one with the huge plasma gun. Not fully painted yet. Probably either Van Saars or Enforcers.
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    Necromunda Goliath Gang