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    Dark Uprising bits for sale

    Hello all First time posting, so apologise if I break rules I’m unaware of (please let me know). I’m breaking down a couple of the dark uprising boxes to make a big set of the awesome terrain that’s in them, so have the remainder for sale Complete gang of enforcers and subjugators, plus gang...
  2. First Hunter.jpg

    First Hunter.jpg

    "Cop Hunter" from my side project of Necromunda
  3. Scattered projects from a scatterbrain

    Scattered projects from a scatterbrain

    Wip's: Cawdor ganger, Ratskin Totem Warrior, Hive Guys joint
  4. Cable.png


    Second model for my Scavengers.
  5. Misc.png


    Ambot and an Ammo Cache for my Scavengers.
  6. Click.png


    First finished model for my Scavengers!
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    Necromunda Do you maybe know the spherical AA precinct?

    I remember seeing a black-and-white drawing a very long time ago with the design and layout of a spherical precinct fortress. It represented the exterior and interior of a precinct with accomodation for a 10-man group Adeptus Arbites. The precinct hovered suspended from chains in the room and...
  8. Retinue.png


    Elite of my Scavengers Goliath Gang
  9. Gangers.png


    Scavengers Mk II - Gangers
  10. November wip

    November wip

    Partially painted for months, candidates for finishing
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    N18 Bill Posters

    I was wondering where's a good place for finding 40k/necromunda bill posters. I'm wanting to sort some terrain or and add some nicely atmospheric posters to the walls
  12. Got Sump?

    Got Sump?

  13. Stairs


  14. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd critically wounds Gunther Lunch.
  15. Gantry Fight

    Gantry Fight

    Scavvie engages a Judge.
  16. Redemptionist pinned

    Redemptionist pinned

    Redemptionist pinned by a grenade.
  17. Gieger surveys

    Gieger surveys

    Gieger lobs a grenade "Get off my lawn!"
  18. The Judges

    The Judges

    Judges are charging
  19. Krak Grenade Trap

    Krak Grenade Trap

    Cyber-mastif stumbles on the 'stairs'.
  20. Atomic Cafe

    Atomic Cafe

    Scavvie in the cafe. Redemptionist hiding in the back.