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    First test. Rolling road board for Necromunda Ash Wastes.
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    Conversions to Servant of the Silent Ones (House of Shadow) from Necron Canoptek Wraiths.
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    Day I
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    Day 1
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    Day one
  7. H

    N18 Squat Gang

    Hi, I am a massive Dwarf nerd and love the concept of Squats. I have found some amazing "Squat" models ( and want to turn them into a Necromunda Gang for a campaign I am playing in. Their background is that they are the...
  8. A

    Protagonist App: Tabletop Character Sheets

    I’m excited to present Protagonist, a multi system character sheet app for phones and tablets, Android and iOS. If you'd like a place to store your rosters, please consider my app. I've just added support for Necromunda, however please keep in mind that all of your gang and roster data will...
  9. Bring in the Mining Laser!

    Bring in the Mining Laser!

    Had the parts, so why not? Orlock ganger with a GSC mining laser.
  10. 3x3 Necromunda Board

    3x3 Necromunda Board

    A very simple 3x3 Necromunda gaming board made in 2 days using lots of 6mm tape and spray cans
  11. Pierric

    ORB Bonnie Annerson - Bounty Huntress 1

    Original print of the additional rules coming along with the limited edition miniature offered to stores tournament winners.
  12. MakaroniFresser

    Oklahoma City N18 Players

    Hello all, just letting everyone know that there is a dedicated core of N18 players in the north OKC area, our guild is Oklahoma City Hive. There are over a hundred pages of guilds now but there's no search function for them, so here's a thread that will show up in results. We primarily play...
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    Mid campaign
  14. Stormvermin Champion

    Stormvermin Champion

    Pretty much a stormvermin unit champion with a chainsword from a Horus Heresy space marine kit. I also had a length of styrene I-Beam available for him to perch on.
  15. B

    Necromunda Hive Mechaniscum

    For some reason I'm really into taking normal 40k models and bashing them with Necromunda gangs. My first attempt was the Blade Sisters (Escher + Sororatas) and here's my second - the Hive Mechaniscum* (Cawdor + AdMech): Tech-priest Dominus + Cawdor Skitarii Marshal + Cawdor...
  16. Heavy Weapon Rat

    Heavy Weapon Rat

    A beefed-up ratling gunner that will be doubling as a stig shambler.
  17. Heavy Weapon Rat

    Heavy Weapon Rat

    A beefed-up ratling gunner that will be doubling as a stig shambler.
  18. TheInsatiableGormets


  19. MyLonelyDeer

    N17 Paper Zone Mortalis v2

    Incredible Aleksey Kazmin from Russian Necromunda community has created a paper Zone Mortalis for printing. Columns, walls and double walls - they all fit in the size of classic cardboard tiles from N17 and Badzone Delta-7. It is better to print on A4 on thick coated paper 300 g/m. For better...
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    Necromunda table setup