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    Spine Eater
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    Ajax Ironside
  4. B

    N18 First Time Player - Advice with 1k Goliath list

    Hi guys im really new to this game so i want to try a 1k list of goliaths in campaign. Im grateful for any advice.
  5. D

    N18 Delaque Starting Gang (C&C Welcome)

    Hey all! New to Necromunda and I just can't take my eyes off Delaque! Here is my gang - thinking of going with Psychic Shenanigans but can't afford a Wyrm yet, which is why the plan is to have the Master, Shadow and Ghost go up with the Psy Gheist for the extra range + have a smoke grenades...
  6. S

    Necromunda Wanted: Marauder Sacavvies

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy the first 3 of these Confrontation Marauder Scavvies. Happy to pay a good price if anyone is willing to part with one of more of them..
  7. F

    N18 Leadership, Willpower and Intelligence flavoring

    Hi all, This is my first post here. Have been using Yaktribe Necromunda tools for couple of years to run campaigns with my friends. Recently as I'm getting more proficient with the aspects of my beloved game I started to notice some overuse of Cool test and lack of Leadership, Willpower and...
  8. Cultist 2.jpg

    Cultist 2.jpg

    Hive Scum (Chaos Cultist) [30 credits] - Reclaimed autogun [10 credits] - Blasting charges [35 credits] - Mesh armour [15 credits] [Total: 90 credits]
  9. S

    N18 New Scenario: Two Tunnels Showdown

    A new scenario from the Aporypha Necromunda series is available for download on Warhammer Community: "Twins of Two Tunnels". and Downloads from Apocrypha Necromunda search...
  10. Van Saar Gang

    Van Saar Gang

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    photo_2022-10-23 21.29.00.jpeg

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    photo_2022-10-23 21.28.55.jpeg

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    photo_2022-10-14 14.07.48.jpeg

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    photo_2022-10-14 14.07.45.jpeg

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    photo_2022-10-14 14.07.42.jpeg

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    photo_2022-10-14 14.07.40.jpeg

  17. Badaab

    Return to the Underhive

    Its been a minute (or like 7 years lol), but here are some of my more recent Necromunda efforts- a fair few of these could use new photographs, but that will come in due course. currently I'm participating in the yearly Orktober event in which I challenge myself to paint...
  18. A

    Bug Can't invite gang to campaign (old Necromunda)

    I've created a campaign, but haven't been able to add a second player. I'm trying to add my friend's gang (CamelOfAeons's The Radfire Nobles) to my game (, but when I click 'Send Invite' I get the error icon pop up in my window...
  19. Skaven Symbol

    Skaven Symbol

    Skaven Symbol, for a necromunda kitbash
  20. ‘Wilson’


    Pit fighter