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    My Escher Gang, the Violet Void, beginning their (and my!) first campaign
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    The puppetmasters
  4. Palanite Enforcers: Conflict

    Palanite Enforcers: Conflict

  5. Palanite Enforcers: Enforcer Tauros Venator

    Palanite Enforcers: Enforcer Tauros Venator

  6. Ash Waste Nomads: Warrior

    Ash Waste Nomads: Warrior

  7. Ash Waste Nomads: Dust Rider

    Ash Waste Nomads: Dust Rider

  8. Palanite Enforcers: Patrolman

    Palanite Enforcers: Patrolman

  9. Wsiolek

    N17 Necromunda Territory Cards - Dominion Campaign 1.0

    Set of Necromunda Territories cards inspired by the previous projects posted on this forum by Xiądz and tehsaq. The cards are bigger than M:TG format to accomodate custom flavour text and GW rules over the image. Please let me know if you spotted any mistakes so I can fix them. Card preview...
  10. Wsiolek

    N18 Helot Cult - Nurgle boys miniatures

    Hi, I want to build a Helot Cult with Nurgle theme, but struggling to find miniatures that aren't "too mutated" so thought that I will ask here. I have got another Helot Cult which I used Chaos Space Marines: Chaos Cultists together with Cultist Warband and I don't want to use the same models...
  11. JawRippa

    N18 Guidelines for playing Necromunda as RPG

    I had the idea to write a loose guide on how to run RPG module like this for a while and I wanted to share my experience after running numerous games. Any thoughts, or ideas on the matter?
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    The Lobsta, House Van Saar Prime
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    Close up of once and future gang members
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    Front view of gang and alternates
  16. MusingWarboss

    Necromunda MusingWarboss's Base Labels - Inkscape File - 25mm v.1 1

    NAME YOUR FIGHTERS! If you want to give your Necromunda (or similar) fighters some personalised names not just on the roster sheet but on the actual models bases too - then these paper wrappable labels are just what you need!! This is an Inkscape file, so due to the limitations of this website...
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  20. WeRT!

    ORB Necromunda 1995 - Templates and Blast Markers (A4 print) 1.0

    Hey. This time recreated items: - Blast Marker 1" - Blast Marker 1.5" - Blast Marker 2" - Hand Flamer template - Flamer template. In two version - with text and without (2nd page). Base on the best scan I was able to find + Photoshop AI for removing French text - and some color / contrast...