neophyte hybrids

  1. YakTribe

    N17 Genestealer Cult Official 1.1

    These are the official Genestealer Cult gang rules for N17. Originally presented in White Dwarf issue March 2018, the gang was updated by Games Workshop and released as PDF. Contains rules for: Cult Adept Cult Alpha Hybrid Acolyte Abberant Hybrid Neophyte Familiars Cult Wyrd Powers
  2. Loriel

    Gangs of Golem City

    GANGS OF GOLEM CITY Introduction: Golem City is isolated part of the Necromunda where are literally thousands of cameras on drones and walls. Most of its inhabitants are unaware that they are constantly watched by millions viewers all over the Imperial Regime. It is a reality TV show where only...
  3. Insurgent


    How those new Genestealer Neophyte Hybrids working out for everyone? We going to see some elite Brood Brother squads soon? It's been a long enough wait. I'm a bit disappointed that 1st generation Brood Brothers didn't make it into the codex. It would have been really special to see a transition...