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  1. M

    N18 How do these Badzone Boiz look to you?

    Hello scummers! I’m putting together a badzone enforcer gang to run in an upcoming campaign, and I figured I’d share my list with y’all to see what you think and take advantage of any potential community feedback. I haven’t named the gang or any gangers yet for fear of getting attached before...
  2. A

    New gang

    I've decided to get back into necromunda after years. I can't remember much about it but that I used to enjoy playing in my mates garage when we were kids. Thinking of van sars gang , any suggestions
  3. M

    N18 First Gang. Corrupted Orlock. Does this list suck? There’s my current list. Working from the Ash Wastes box. Wanted to know if this loadout was viable or if there any changes I could make. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. R

    Necromunda new player, new gang

    Hey everyone, This is my first time playing this table top game and I went with eschar gang, just wondering bout how i should go about creating my gang and their loadout i was thinking about having a few to be a long range fighter, several mid and others close combat
  5. T

    N18 How does Firestorm work ?

    Hey, I was wondering about the ruling of Firestorm and how to choose the target. For example the closest target it picked in the firestorm, but if while resolving damage the first closest target dies due to said damage is another target (the next closest) then picked as the new firestorm damage...
  6. P

    N18 Gene stealer cult list

    Hey there everybody, I’m looking to start a ehenstealer cult army in freburary and thought why it use them for necromunda too. So please critique this list, and as always thank you for your time.
  7. P

    N18 delaque and escher gangs

    hey there, I got the hive war set and I built two lists for these gangs, let me know if I got anything wrong or if the lists are just crap. as always, thank you for your attention.
  8. P

    N18 opinions on this palanite enforcers gang

    hey there, I'm looking for some opinions on this enforcer gang (also I'm worried that this list is illegal rules wise) any feedback is appreciated. thank you for your time. (I think this is how I insert a list please inform me if I'm wrong)
  9. T

    N18 I need a little help to get started.

    Hello I am just starting my adventure with necromunda, I played a few matches on the gang from the starter box, specifically esherkas that are folded according to the instructions, and the equipment is immediately allocated on the cards added to the starter. I liked this gang and I would like to...
  10. S

    N18 New player, Van Saar starting gang

    Hi. I just recently picked up Necromunda (still waiting for rulebook to arrive). I have a box of Van Saar, the forgeworld upgrade sets and the gangs book here now though and want to start building my Gang ready to start playing. Having never actually played the game yet (this edition anyway) i...
  11. M

    N18 Starting Van Saar for new Campaign (all new players)

    Hello there, just thought i would get some tips or suggestions on my following gang. Never touched Van Saars till today, so not really sure what i should go for Thought i would just add, i dont like overseer, dont get me wrong its a powerful skill, but i feel EVERYBODY takes it and it just...
  12. F

    Orlock Gang - Downhive Deathmachine

    Hi guys First proper go at making a new gang for N17, I've recreated my old "Downhive Deathmachine" from an old campaign, what do you guys think? I've gone for rapid fire and higher str weapons, so hopefully can stop those pesky Goliath! Aiming to try and keep those other gangers medium range...
  13. R

    My First Orlock Gang - Balls Of Steel

    Hi, My first gang - Balls Of Steel. I will be using the gang for short skirmishes in both 3d and 2d. I think I would replace Nerves of Steel with Fixer if I was doing a long campaign. The Juve is in there with the duel autos because its kinda cool. Leader - Sawn-Off, Servo Claw, Respirator...
  14. Orngog

    Slaver Gangs discussion

    An idea I was playing with recently (I've actually started some preliminary model work), a gang composed of slavers. After some flufftalk we hit across some hurdles- What kind of slaves? We only hear about pit slaves (as in fighting pit, not mine pit) but presumably there are slaves with two...
  15. L

    A New Player's Ratskin Army

    I was wondering if I could get some advice on starting a Ratskin Army. Here's what I've got so far: 1x Chief Autopistol Sword Manstopper Shotgun 1x Shaman Musket Sword 2x Warriors Handbow Sword Knife 3x Ratskins Club Knife...
  16. maxwellrpower

    Tips for The Wolfpack, my new Pit Slaves gang?

    G'day Yakkers, I'm planning a return to the wargames hobby after quite a long dormancy, I've not got much interest in spending hours moving an ork horde across the table top piece by piece any more, so I'm thinking Necromunda is the way to go. I really enjoy the modelling and painting side of...
  17. Freakyfox

    Return of the Renagades

    Hey there Yakkers young and old just hoping to pick your collective brains over another gang list. After reading 'Bury my heart at wounded knee' (a must read) and enyoss' thread on totem warriors it got my creative juices going. It's not much but I got this hazy idea of a chief rallying his...