newbie questions

  1. R

    N18 First Time Necromunda Player Assist w/ List

    I’ll post the House Cawdor gang I’ve started working on below. Let me know if I’m missing out on anything like flak armor on everyone or something like that.
  2. B

    N18 New player heavy neotek list

    Hey all, Brand new player about to start a campaign with my friends. I chose can saar because I love the look of the grav cutters and because of that I've built my list totally around them. What I am worried about is only running 1 champion in my starting gang. Am I going to be able to get...
  3. Í

    N18 Venators questions.

    Hi all! Im a newbie who wants to start a campaign with my friends. I would like to play a Venators gang based on tactical shooting (Van Saar Profile) but i dont know if this is possible or not cause Van Saar are just best for shoot play. I had read some posts about Venators, but still have...
  4. R

    N18 Newbi van saar gang

    Hi guys Im a straight up newbi to this game. I have been persuaded to join a campaign in my local meta and I have put together a gang of Van Saars (chosen simply based on looks) I would very much appriciate any kind of input/feedback or tricks you should feel like sharing with me. So here...
  5. G

    N18 Orlock Review

    Wooo! Yet another newbie asking for advice! YEAH! So, I've got a good mix of Shotguns and Autoguns in my gang, I even sprang for the Heavy Bolter! My questions are: 1) Should I ditch Bulging Biceps for Munitioneer on my Heavy? 2) Should I swap Nerves of Steel on my Leader for something else...
  6. T

    Tabletop Dimensions for Sector Mechanicus: too large ?

    Hi everyone. Recently I started playing Necromunda Underhive with my gaming group. Mainly we use the Zone Mortalis mode, but we have also tried with Sector Mechanicus. However, this last mode seems too unbalanced to us because the playing surface is too large compared to the number of models...
  7. L

    A New Player's Ratskin Army

    I was wondering if I could get some advice on starting a Ratskin Army. Here's what I've got so far: 1x Chief Autopistol Sword Manstopper Shotgun 1x Shaman Musket Sword 2x Warriors Handbow Sword Knife 3x Ratskins Club Knife...
  8. Space Truckin

    Suggestions on introducing new players?

    Hello everyone. First time caller, long time listener etc. I didn't see an introduction thread on the forum so I hope you don't mind me snooping around here asking questions. Anyone have any tips, suggestions or advice on introducing new players ( not 40k people ) to Inquisimunda? Trying to...
  9. C

    My First Gang

    Hi everyone, I have been playing 40k for a while but never played Necromunda but after watching some youtube batreps I am interested in starting. I have chosen to start a Goliath gang, mainly because I got a 9 man gang from ebay quite cheap. I have made a list and was wondering if I could get...
  10. garrapeta

    Feedback requested for starting Orlock list

    Hi there, I'm new to Necromunda and I'll be playing my first campaign using the NCE rules. If been researching on some Orlock lists on Yaktribe and other sites, and after studying some options this is what have come out: -------------------------------- leader Equipment: Autopistol...
  11. Rudyard_Crippling

    Scalie-less Scavvies?

    Hello all! I've been lurking about Yaktribe for a while, and I am just getting a local NCE campaighn set up here in Seattle. We've been having a blast! After we get a few more games under our belts we are thinking of adding the expansion rules from Outlanders Community Edition into the mix...