1. Thorgor

    New from GAMA Trade Show

    Some news has been unveiled for Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Kill Team: For Necromunda, nothing major yet. But a brand new Kal Jericho miniature is coming: For Blood Bowl, everyone's favorite joke team will be next: (I really like those sculpts. Miniature-wise, I think it's my favorite of the...
  2. D

    delete me

  3. The Duke

    PETA wants to ban warhammer furs on models

    I would have liked to have posted this in the "Briefing Room" but for some reason I don't have the ability to post a thread up there (most odd indeed....) can someone with the POWAH! move this for me please? (and maybe investigate / inform me why I cannae post!?) - So a friend posted this up...
  4. Malo

    Thread and Vault tagging

    One of the latest updates includes proper tag support for threads and more specifically, the Vault. Previous I had custom fields with checkboxes for set vault tags but they were on a separate tab on the resource and they weren't searchable. Not very useful. Now with tags we're able to properly...
  5. Malo

    Possible extensive downtime (completed)

    In the process of shifting to MariaDB I will be moving servers within the same hosting company. This is going to result in some downtime and during that time I will be locking the forum and Yak systems from any changes. There may be little warning when I do so as it's tricky to schedule this...
  6. Malo

    Default Ruleset change?

    What do you think about changing the default Ruleset to NCE? The main reason I've always had LRB as the default is due to that ruleset being the most common, the default people started with usually, hopefully moving onto NCE sooner than later. If we were to do this, the minimum I'd like to add...