1. Ogryn


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  3. The Gang of abhumans

    The Gang of abhumans

    Soem of my converted guys for the abhuman uprising warband
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    Ogryn gang - 3 of the models
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    Question Slave Ogryns Missing

    Hi, When I logged in I found my Ogryn Gang was missing from my account and when I went to remake it I found Ogryns are no longer available as a gang option. Did I miss some thing, what happened to the Ogryns. They are my first gang and the only models I have for Necromunda.
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    Slave Ogryn kit question

    I have a bit of a silly question about assembly for the Slave Ogryn kit. The kit has a few quirks I wish were more spelled out in the instructions for the two-model version of the box: the use of the valve-looking parts (37 and 44) to cover the attachment point on augmetic fists that aren't...
  7. The Gardener - House Bharteth Brute - fb.jpg

    The Gardener - House Bharteth Brute - fb.jpg

    Pit Fighter Ogryn Dramatis Personae - The 'Gardener' (Gladiator of House Bharteth)
  8. Pit Fighter Ogryn - FB.jpg

    Pit Fighter Ogryn - FB.jpg

    Pit Fighter Ogryn - Credits re-adjusted
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    N18 Ogryns the biggest coward in the necromunda?

    Are Ogryns the biggest coward in the necromunda? How do the biggest bastards in Hive who fight so fiercely for their freedom have a willpower like Escher Juve or much worse than Juve Cawdor? Imagine the worst possible combination in Necromunda - Ogryns vs CG (terrifying, fearsome). How is it...
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    N18 Slave Ogryns/Suspenders/Heavy Weapons... what?

    Greetings, Looking at the Ogryn section of House of Chains there seems to be some inconsistencies but it manifests pretty clearly in this issue. Suspenders are an Ogryn only "Heavy Weapon Accessory" stating, attached to a ranged weapon with the unwieldy trate a Shoot (double) becomes a Shoot...