1. FYSC - May 2019 - Bommerz over da Sulphur River

    FYSC - May 2019 - Bommerz over da Sulphur River

  2. Bommerz over da Sulphur River - Game

    Bommerz over da Sulphur River - Game

    Mocked up game
  3. Bommerz over da Sulphur River

    Bommerz over da Sulphur River

    Vanguard Miniatures fighters for a counts-as set
  4. Kitcar

    Brutish Ramships

    Has anyone tried a fleet with 1000 points of Ork Brute Ramships?
  5. N

    Orks in the hive?

    Hello there, I was planning on making a Goliath gang based on the digganobz from gorka morka . How would you paint them?
  6. B

    Starting anew

    Hey guys, We're starting an Inquisimunda campaign with my mates for the first time and i see that orks (the warband i chose) do not have their personal Armory and also that their stats are similar to the 40k Rulebook except that Nobz only have 1 Wound. Is that on purpose and if it is what is the...
  7. Oddsox

    Roll call

    Just wondering how many gomo players read this. Just drop a word or two in a reply if youre still playing.
  8. Oddsox

    LFG: Gorkamorka London

    Hey wargamers, I'm nearing the point where I will have a mob I can start a campaign with and I want to reach out and see if there are any others who would be interested in a campaign? Ideally 5 or 6 people but as many as 3 including myself would still be great. As far as venue goes, I am...
  9. B

    Chaos Attack - Battle for Armageddon expansion 2016-03-03

    Chaos Attack is an expansion for the Battle for Armageddon game. The expansion adds new rules and counters to the original game, and also provides an alternate setting that depicts chaos invasion that took place on the planet centuries before the Orks even touched the planet. Everything is...
  10. B

    Battle for Armageddon 2016-03-03

    Battle for Armageddon is a strategic wargame that simulates the conflict between Orks and the Imperium for control of the Imperial hive world Armageddon. Contains everything you need to print and play.
  11. B

    Bommerz Over Da Sulphur River 2016-03-03

    In Bommerz over da Sulphur River you can take the part of the Ork Fighta-Bommer pilots, screaming down to smash the vital bridges. Or you can command the heroic Imperial defense, pouring a devastating stream of flak and laser fire at your attackers and directing the counter-attack of your brave...
  12. Pddrijver

    Inquisimunda Eldar and Ork painting log

    Together with a few other gamers, we're very much enjoying the game of Inquisimunda. I'm playing orks using the void pirate list (since there was no ork list when I started), and an Eldar Strike Force. Pictures! The only finished Eldar so far: Almost done: Getting there, someday...
  13. Necromunda Orks - Full gang

    Necromunda Orks - Full gang

    Full gang
  14. Necromunda Orks - Boyz

    Necromunda Orks - Boyz

    Boyz (all unconverted Gorkamorka models)
  15. Necromunda Orks - gretchin

    Necromunda Orks - gretchin

    Gretchin (unconverted Gorkamorka models, except 2nd from the left which is Maxmini's Mean Grean Gobbo) and the one furthest to the right which is from the 40k gretching box).
  16. Necromunda Orks: Runtherd - Nob - Mek

    Necromunda Orks: Runtherd - Nob - Mek

    All converted Gorkamorka models
  17. Gorkamunda

    NCE Orks in da 'Ive 1.02

    These rules are the result of more than 20 forum pages on the yakromunda/yaktribe community forum, with a large number of individuals contributing. They will allow you to play your favourite green-skinned Xenos race in Necromunda campaigns. If you wish to comment or make suggestions, please...
  18. YakTribe

    ORB WAAAGH! Da Orks are in Da Hive 2014-03-09

    It is an undisputed fact that Orks sometimes attack (or even inadvertently crash on) Necromunda, and their assaults on the massive Hive Cities have been fairly well documented by the Administratum. The authorities, hower, do their utmost to hide the fact that when the Waaagh moves on, there are...