1. Wranglers Gang Sign.png

    Wranglers Gang Sign.png

    The Gang Tag for the Wranglers Gang (Orlock Affiliated)
  2. M

    N18 Making tactics card decks for core Gangs + enforcers

    I'm trying to be the entry point for anyone who wishes to play Necromunda in my area. And it's also kind of a personal pet project/dream of mine to have. So I bought all 6 gangs and there special units boxes, along with a healthy amount of enforcers (1-Escher, 2-Orlock, 3-Van saar, 4-Cawdor...
  3. Ash Wastes

    Ash Wastes

    Like many Orlock gangs, the Leviathan Fists are as active in the wastes as in the underhives.
  4. Orlock gang

    Orlock gang

  5. B

    N18 Orlocks Downtime

    Howdy! I am wondering what to do with my round 4 Orlock gang. I am about to do my 4th fight and then have downtime. I have 9 fighters in my gang with about half of them kitted for melee and some shooting and the other half kitted for shooting. I don't think I want a heavy weapon do to the cost...
  6. D

    N18 First Time Orlock Gang: Would love some feedback/advice

    Hi Folks! New player here, and I would love some feedback on this starter gang to run a few practice/learning games with before moving on to a campaign. Any feedback would be very helpful! https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/ninth-share_crew.485434/ Thank you so much for any help!
  7. IMG_0556.jpeg


    Gang rear
  8. IMG_0555.jpeg


    Gang front
  9. 362B7F6C-90B8-4AD9-A613-FAC1BF871EC0.jpeg


    Mike Fisto (Champion of the Iron Walkers)
  10. Dramatic Pose Cyberpunk Ganger

    Dramatic Pose Cyberpunk Ganger

    Poster Boy
  11. Orlocks


    My old gang from back in the 90s
  12. P

    N18 Orlock Miners

    Hi all, I was just hoping to get a little feedback on this starting gang list. Ashhole Kings I have tried to steer away from plasma as I think it favor's the Orlock flavor, the meltagun and the mining laser being industrial tools in the mines. Everything else I plan to keep unapologetically...
  13. Darian Shurville

    N18 TribeMeet sneak peak at my Orlock Dirt Bikers

    Orlock Dirtbike Rider 1 Where I got all the parts: Bike is from GCS Atalan Jackals Body is mostly from Orlock Base Gang Box Head and Backpack Orlock Ash Wastes Upgrades Grenade Pack (right side of bike at the back) a spare from Orlock Outrider Quads The left arm was from my bitz box...
  14. DC_DeCrypt

    DC_Decrypt’s Hobby Bits

    Hi folks! Figured it was high time to try this hobby log thing as i get stuff done. This week’s efforts will be in prep for an upcoming local campaign plus yakmeet. Today competes my second wrecker for the starting gang. More pics on my insta.
  15. Orlock Captain with his Good Boi

    Orlock Captain with his Good Boi

  16. Wrecker.jpg


  17. RoadSergeant.jpg


  18. RoadCaptain.jpg


  19. GunnerShotty.jpg


  20. GunnerPaxam.jpg