1. Ash Wastes

    Ash Wastes

    Like many Orlock gangs, the Leviathan Fists are as active in the wastes as in the underhives.
  2. Wrecker


    2 pistols
  3. Wrecker (jumping)

    Wrecker (jumping)

    2 pistols
  4. Orlock Gunner - Dex The Street-Chef

    Orlock Gunner - Dex The Street-Chef

  5. The beginning of Orlock gang

    The beginning of Orlock gang

  6. servo_scribe

    N18 HoI Orlock - 3 Champ starting list?

    First time NM player here, my local club is starting a Dominion campaign in January. I've given the compiled rules and HoI book a run through, and it seems there used to be a rule of 'max 2 champs' when starting, that is no longer the case. With that in mind some of the 'starter gang' posts here...
  7. P

    N18 Orlock Newb List fro Ash Waste, Need FeedBack

    New Necromanda player, have only played 3 skirmish games. Going to be playing a ash waste campaign starting saturday and need feedback on my list asap. Orlock gang 1000 starting points https:__yaktribe.games_underhive_gang_ash_waste_local_501st.318712_ for my vehicle I have a Rockgrinder...
  8. H

    N18 Squat Gang

    Hi, I am a massive Dwarf nerd and love the concept of Squats. I have found some amazing "Squat" models (https://www.capritorminiatures.com/products/space-dwarf-set-pack-of-6) and want to turn them into a Necromunda Gang for a campaign I am playing in. Their background is that they are the...
  9. Orlock.jpeg


    Red Scrap Vultures
  10. G

    N18 Starting Orlocks, help is needed :)

    Hi all, long story short question. I actually own 2 times the Orlock Gang Box, and both FW Weapon Sets. Now I am thinking what to choose and how to build them, can you give me some advice? I don't really wanna build up some dead models which I will never play, u know what I mean? Greetings...
  11. Scrubs.png


  12. heavies.png


  13. SpaceGoat Gangers 4

    SpaceGoat Gangers 4

    SpaceGoat Ganger Headswaps
  14. SpaceGoat Miners

    SpaceGoat Miners

    SpaceGoat Hazardsuit Headswaps
  15. SpaceGoat Gangers 3

    SpaceGoat Gangers 3

    Extra SpaceGoat Gangers
  16. SpaceGoat Gangers 2

    SpaceGoat Gangers 2

    Shotgun SpaceGoat Gangers
  17. SpaceGoat Gangers 1

    SpaceGoat Gangers 1

    Autogun SpaceGoat Gangers
  18. SpaceGoat Juves

    SpaceGoat Juves

    Attempt at SpaceGoat Juves
  19. SpaceGoats Command

    SpaceGoats Command

    My first foray into assembling SpaceGoats
  20. Carterwippaint.jpg


    Work in Progress: Painting Barik Carter