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    N18 Dream Gang - kindergarten

    So it was time to create my dream Necromunda gang! And here I would like to ask this wonderful community for advice how to build them. The gang's theme is an orphanage run by an outcast adepta sororitas who abandoned the order to help orphans from underhive As my leader, I plan to use this...
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    N18 Outcast Beastmen Gang - The Yaktribe

    The Yaktribe seeks blood!
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    N18 Outcasts House gang - Brutes?

    Hi Can a Outcast House gang use the Clan House gang specific Brute? The rules mention that the Outcasts can buy Exotic Beasts but pets are more akin to Wargear than Fighters.
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    N18 Outcast - Gang Affiliation

    What is the current ruling on gang affiliated eqiupment lists? I tried to google it but didnt find any clear answer and i couldnt find anyting about it when i glanced the FAQ. Book of Outcast P. 20 *Clan House Underhive Outcasts gangs MAY purchase weapons and Wargear normally restricted to...
  6. Cold Traider and Bosun

    Cold Traider and Bosun

  7. Group photo

    Group photo

  8. Champ with long las and voidborn

    Champ with long las and voidborn

  9. Scum girls

    Scum girls

  10. Voidborn and lizard scum

    Voidborn and lizard scum

  11. Two scums

    Two scums

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    N18 Outcast Psyker that controls "zombiefied mutant folk".

    I hope you are well. This is not an original idea, I dont want to min/max or meta this. The concept is an outcast psyker leader who's found a niche in the underhive. Managing to use their abilities to "persuade" some wretched mutant locals to do their bidding. Concept - Leader Psyker. Every...
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    N18 New to Necromunda. Outcasts gang feedback

    Im new to Necromunda and have just started playing. Im really liking all the possible customizations you can think up with a Outcasts gang. Im still too much of a noob to dive into Alliances and their vast number of options and sticking with standard gang Affiliations. Roster 1 Escher...
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    N18 Outcast gang build - thoughts appreciated

    Hi all, at some point in our current campaign I may spin off an outcast gang from my van Saar, mainly because I like the narrative freedom! Opinions seem mixed on how viable Outcast gangs can be.....I see a fighting chance in number of bodies that can be fielded, ability to divert creds to tool...
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    Question Outcast gang. yes, no?

    now that we got the prospectors and nomads, im curious hows the outcast gang support going, are we getting any, or is it just gonna stay all custom, and not even partial supported?
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    N18 House Agent Outcast Leader

    Anyone have any recommendations for working out the points for elavating a house agent to a Outcast Leader or is the 200pts appropriate?
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